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Killed millionaire Michael McGurk 'had tape implicating NSW MPs'

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posted on Sep, 6 2009 @ 04:43 AM

THE Sydney millionaire executed in front of his 10-year-old son held a tape implicating senior NSW politicians in corruption, a business associate claimed last night.

Jim Byrnes, a former bankrupt who has served time in jail, claimed Michael McGurk's home and office were recently ransacked by people trying to find and destroy the tape.

This case is could have implications that will reach all the way to the Federal Government. Michael McGurk, failed real estate tycoon, owed millions at the time of his murder on the third of September. He was shot in the head in front of his young son. Now there are calls for a full investigation into the affair.

A FULL investigation into recent allegations of corruption by state government politicians is urgently needed because the public deserves to know the truth, says NSW Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell.

There have been claims Sydney businessman Michael McGurk's murder last week may be linked to evidence of bribes involving state and federal Labor politicians he said he had on tape

Of course, it is no secret that NSW politics is one of the most corrupt in Australia and the Labor Party in particular have been been at the centre of this speculation. So much so that even Labor politicians and supporters in other states admit that there are real problems within NSW Labor Politics.

Could the McGurk scandal be the death-knell of Labor hegemony in NSW?

posted on Sep, 6 2009 @ 05:34 AM
Haha could this mean that we may finally have evidence for the 'ute-gate' scandal?

The OzCar affair (also Utegate) refers to a 2009 controversy in Australian federal politics, revolving around allegations made by the Federal Leader of the Opposition, Malcolm Turnbull, that the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd and/or the Treasurer, Wayne Swan, had acted improperly on behalf of a Queensland car dealer who was seeking financial assistance from a government agency called OzCar. Turnbull further alleged that Rudd and Swan had deliberately misled Parliament over the issue. A subsequent police investigation indicated that an email used as evidence by Turnbull against Rudd was forged. Treasury official Godwin Grech later admitted to forging the email.[1] The Auditor-General was also ordered to conduct an investigation. It found no evidence of corruption by the Prime Minister or his office, or the Treasurer or his office[2], but did make adverse findings about the Treasury Department and Godwin Grech.

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 04:05 AM
The Plot Thickens...

Scotland Yard drawn into investigation into Michael McGurk's death

A BRITISH millionaire has been given police protection in England amid fears for his life as Scotland Yard has become involved in investigating the execution of Sydney businessman Michael McGurk.

Prominent businessman Mark Burby was within days of flying to Sydney to meet McGurk and share information about the Brunei royal family, who had been sued in unrelated multi-million dollar lawsuits by the two men.

Mr Burby, a Channel Islands-based property developer, was told of the shooting via email from lawyers for the Brunei royal family in London, according to an associate who asked not to be named.

It seems McGurk had his fingers in a whole lot of pies, and suing the Brunei royal family, particularly the Sultan for allegedly reneging on a miniature Koran was yet another.

This Mark Burby must have provided a pretty compelling story to get protection.

This case is looking to be as convoluted as a Robert Ludlum novel. It's going to be very interesting to keep tabs on this case.

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