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Torture for Hire in Iraq/Afghanistan

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posted on May, 13 2004 @ 12:35 PM
I don't know the provider, but here is an address where someone has pdf'd the International Red Cross Report on prisoner abuse. The report is dated, and deals mostly with 2003, but the info is what is now hitting the TV screen:

Here's an article from the guardian that mentions torture by civilian contractors. Presumably, this is what spec. England is referring to in her on-camera interviews:

The military term for subcontracting torture to civlians and foreign govts. appears to be "RENDITION."

The two main contractors used by the U.S. govt. to provide "translation assistance" and "intelligence integration" at Abu Ghraib seem to be CACI and The Titan Corporation. Looking at CACI's investor webpage, CACI apparently owns 5% of Titan, so there's some convergence of operations.

Their websites are


If you look on the pie charts of business activity, I suspect that the wedge labeled "civilian government" refers to the CIA, NSA etc. Their ownership, in my opinion, indicates that although they are a publicly traded stock, they are majority owned by 'institutions.' I wonder what institutions that would be. . .

Also, look at the bottom of CACI's message from their CEO. If you read the 'safe harbor' statement at the bottom of the page, it seems to unsay everything in the preceding paragraphs!

Please note thier "Latest News," which containst their version of CACI's role in Iraq.

I'm interested in what any of you think of all this? Am I beating a dead horse?

posted on May, 13 2004 @ 06:22 PM
You're not beating a dead horse. It would also seem that a lot of the guards at this camp were contracted from federal max security prisons. Something that has been reported is that contractors were looking for guards who had things like abuse and misconduct in their records, so this kind of information seems to be a little addition to the puzzle you are trying to put together here. Good analysis, BTW!

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