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Reducing Paranoia

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posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 11:13 AM
Conspiracies: People want to think that there are powerful, secret societies doing all kinds of mischief that affect our lives and destinies. It is not true. People cannot control themselves, let alone other people, for very long.

People believe in conspiracies because they want to believe that someone is in control, even if it is the bad guys; it is better than no control at all.

There are many secret societies that are trying to do this and that, but they are not smart enough, and they do not have enough time or cooperation from others to really do anything besides make themselves feel important for a short period of time. They cause plenty of unnecessary trouble, but that is all.

The greed and need for control that starts conspiracies destroys them.

Every once in awhile, someone comes along in these so called secret societies that has real leadership qualities, and he really starts to do something. Just as his diabolical plans start to look like they are going to work, he gets old and dies. Then his party animal sons and other people that follow him cannot do anything, and the great plan falls apart. People do not live long enough to really pull off any complicated, secret plans. Everything underhanded people do has a built in self-destruct mechanism.

Omerta: It means “Silence.” It is an Italian word the mafia used. People in their criminal business have to be loyal and not talk to outsiders about what they do. The problem is, criminals by definition are people that you cannot trust. They screw people for a living, so it is not surprising that they will screw the people they work with. This is why organized crime will never be a bigger problem. It is the same with conspiracies and all underhanded endeavors.

Man proposes, God disposes.

There are many rich, powerful people in many groups, and they all have their big plans, but self-interest and greed make them work against each other. People cannot get along or keep secrets for long enough to pull anything major off.

Conspiracies are weak: Hidden plans do not have as much power as the plans everyone can see, because the plans, such as democracy, that are not hidden pass easily from generation to generation and can develop over hundreds, even thousands of years. Secret conspiracies are inherently weak by comparison.

Conspiracies will never be able to alter our destiny.

People want to believe in conspiracies, because they want to believe there are people in this world smart enough and powerful enough to control the world. They do not want to believe this world is run by the people that appear to be in power, or no one, and that this world is out of control, and we cannot blame them. However, the truth is, what looks like the truth, is the truth. Of course, all leaders are influenced by powerful people, but they are still the leader, and they can do what they want to do if they really want to do it.

Rich people are too busy being rich people to cause too much mischief.

There are unseen rich and powerful people pulling strings, but they are just making themselves more rich and powerful for a short period of time. There are many groups, secret and otherwise, that are successful in spreading lies and misinformation, but almost everything is lies and misinformation in one way or another, so it really does not affect things much.

Illuminati: If there is an Illuminati, they are not very illuminated and are nothing to worry about. They do not know the nature of reality, or they would not be trying to control it. They will not be able to change it, no matter what they think.

There are no bad or good guys, just people that know the truth and those that don’t. Many will learn the truth and change their ways, and many won’t.

From page 149 of The Present (with religion) at


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