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Terrorists & Bailouts From The Right. Swine Flu From The Center. Gloabal Warming & Healthcare Cont

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posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 12:13 PM
Terrorists & Bailouts From The Right. Swine Flu From The Center. Gloabal Warming & Healthcare Control From the Left

Notice a theme?

Notice a theme of lies?

Notice the bi-partisanship?

Notice the divide the lies cause within public opinion?

Notice the divide in the media?

Notice the reaction of the people from the media influence?

People like to use "sheep" as a metaphor for those who can not think for themselves. How about those who get outraged the second the msm spews lies in their face and then those that buy into it spread it even more? Not only does it spread like wildfire, it spreads the feeling of hate like wildfire.

Is that what is needed at this moment?

I find it so ironic that Americans have been outraged at the idea of healthcare reform (not that it is a bad idea to let the politicians know we don't want some crap system) and yet cheered the bombing of an innocent people because they were labeled terrorists. Makes one wonder who the terrorists really are.

And yes, the sides mentioned in the title are in direct relationship to party lines.
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posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 12:17 PM
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The only thing I can say is it feels much like the American soceiety is being attackes from all sides. This may be true. Whether it is intentional or a side affect of 250 years of freedom and prosperity doesnt matter.

It is a sad day when the fear mongering being dealt by both sides gets the normally rational minded U.S. citizen in such a frenzy.

Look at all the fear here on ATS..

Most of these conspiracies are in fact untrue. Some are true, but to show the fear some display here is a sign of weakness and the mind beginning to crack.

I urge people to remember one thing first. Everyone bleeds red. Fear not, and learn the ways of your adversaries...

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