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Conspiracy Websites, Control and evasion

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posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 03:07 PM
Ok I have not checked on the board before mentionning this, and please excuse me if it's allready been said. But there are a lot of things going on right now on other public forums of conspiracy.

First off I cannot post here during the week, because my jobs proxy blocks it out. I find ATS to be the best place on the web to get info on every major subject. And the videos and the people rock.

But since my blocking from this site(my main info site) I have been going to lesser forums. On of those is God Like Productions.

Something really strange happened this week. I was admitted into a secret society of the website. Thats the only way I can describe it. You probably seen the whole thing about the Obama joker socialist poster. And you probably know that is comes from there.

My point here is the fact that the site has been marked by slander, criticism, and is even becoming somewhat a religious extremist group. I was very concerned when this all started but said to myself, yeah youre getting free subscription so hey dont say too much about it. There I was perpatuating this group called PAC. And youve seen what the whole fuss was about when the media turned its attention on to the wrong doings of this group postering SOCIALISM everywhere.

What I then discovered chocked me even more. The site GODLIKEPRODUCTIONS has several ties to governement agencies. it is in fact going through what people say and just creating fire and flames to confuse the people there.

And in an unexplainable rant, the moderators started banning everyone on the site who dared oposed them. The Alien-Earth forum is now overwhelmed with the refugees of GLP.

There are also a lot of explanations on how it is a social experiment, maintained by a firm. It specialises in the complexeties of human mentality issues. So basically its a test farm. Trying to comprehend and exploit the poor people how do not question themselves and try to find anwsers into questions that not onlu shouldnt exist, but are created to create trends of thought. CONTROL is the main issue.

I heard from some unreliable source, that all the conspiracy forums where maintained under close scrutiny from CIA + NSA + MI6 and such. The leak of information is most likelly gradual and wanted.

So I am now in total questionning, on what is truly real and what is fake. And I wonder if anything in this world is not somewhat controlled. I am beginning to see a big picture in wich society has no clue about how we are not only slaves to money, but in its aquaintance and in its debt.

I wonder if there is trully a way of having the people hold up for what is righteous and true. Is there really anything anyone can do? Are we now so affraid of each other that we do not remember that we all have the same red blood flowing through our veins? Do we not remember that we are not governement, or companies, or money. That we are loving and caring human beings? That in the end if we want to make part of our governement, then that is our right?

Do they even enslave us with the churches and religions to take what is left of our immortal soul?

When the people begin to see what trully surrounds us... and are made aware... Do they not rebel against their captors? Or is this another place where the illusion of safety and free right is also under close watch? I thank you for your reading time


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