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The Tools of the Elite and what theyre used for

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posted on Jul, 22 2009 @ 07:41 PM
Based on my years of research on the global elite families, Ive determined that 3 key tools are used to control the masses. In no particular order...

1. trends
2. infotainment
3. military


Anyone ever wonder why a trend starts and how ?

For example look at Twitter, one day Ashten Kutcher is using it and a week later the President of the United States uses it as well.

Is it mere luck that the masses suddenly find Facebook or myspace. What makes everyone wear Crocs one day and doc martin's the next ?

Its actually not by accident as many believe. It starts from the top and works its way down. The Rothchilds and Rockefeller families own the multinational conglomerates that start these trends. Its given credibility by a celebrity using it. The tabloids follow their directives and cover these latest fads and suddenly the masses are clamoring to follow the sheep herders.

The purpose in my opinion is distraction pure and simple. It keeps the masses from realizing how bad life really is these days.


Infotainment is clever. Its entertainment, gossip, comedy, some mix of real news but warped, all mixed into a soup of what we call the Information Age.

How ironic that despite this Information Age, people really know very little of the reality of life around them.

The Colbert Report on US stations is a classic example of warping news and splashing in some comedy. Watch as he has serious topics with guests like Ron Paul made into a total joke. And its dam entertaining. My teenage son and his friends all love and follow the show.

Another irony of this so-called information age is reality television. If you have any insider knowledge, your aware then that there is virtually nothing real about these shows. Im about to ruin a lot of fans opinions of the Bachelorette so dont read on if you to remain blind....

There is a character called Wes on the current show. He has been edited to show us the jerk of this season. He apparently has a girlfriend and is just on the show for his singing career. Problem is he doesnt have a girlfriend and they did whats called monster editing to make it sound like he was claiming he did. I watch the Guys tell All show and im sick when i see these pathetic woman in the audience boo any reference to Wes. These sheep see what ABC wants them to see and they actually believe it. Reminds me of that movie The Running Man....

The magazines today pose as news and information but theyre just infotainment also. They focus on pointless and unimportant topics to again turn people's attention elsewhere.

Look at the coverage these infotrash mags gave to Michael Jackson's death. How many americans are even aware that congress passed the biggest tax increase in the history of the world that day ? They wont be aware or given a chance to debate the BS that this bill represents because its the job of infotainment to keep the sheep blind.


Im amazed that people still look on the military as an honorable institution. Dont get me wrong, I believe the military is full of honorable men but its purpose is destructive.

Read my experiences and how it woke me up to the way the world really works here....

How is it possible that 200 rich white elderly men can control the planet ? very simply by using patriots who feel their actions are necessary.

Look at Iraq, we know there arent any weapons of mass destruction there. The reason we went is a total lie. So to get soldiers to remain in that ravaged land, were now told well we cant just leave or terrorists will take over. Nevermind that we armed and trained the terrorists to begin with.

If you want to see how a war really starts, look at the banks who loan the money. Look at the corporations that sell the weaponry. And if yougua look deep enough you'll learn that both bank and weapon corp have the same parent company. Oh and that same parent corp is selling / loaning to both sides. And when the war ends loans will go out to pay to rebuild.

Today the military is nothing more than a tool of force these elite use to gain a little more control.

Niceragua, panama, iran, are just a few nations that dared to try and make poverty go away by taking back the elite's land, banks, and stealing of national resources.

Read a book called Confessions of an Economic Hitman to learn more.

So what chance do us sheep have to save this planet and ourselves from these eugenic mad elitist ? Most of us arent even aware that what we see, read, and hear are a total lie. And our sons, daughters, and friends continue to line up at recruiter offices to enforce these lies.

posted on Jul, 22 2009 @ 08:56 PM
reply to post by admriker444

You are spot on. The Psychology of consumerism and patriotism! It's all just a big marketing con.

I hope many people link to and read the thread of your story before they get roped into, and manipulated by the propaganda of the next war.

Thank you for sharing your experience and insights. I look forward to reading more of your posts.


posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 09:10 PM
some more info....

reality television....

Jon and Kate - a reality show on american television. If your unaware, its a show that follows a husband and wife (currently in divorce proceedings) who have 8 kids (sextuplets and twins)

The show like most reality shows is not real. And its really nothing more than one giant commercial for products. Each show has some corporate product featured. for example last night's show, Kate "decided" to camp.

Yeah right, anyway Coleman just happpened to supply all their supplies. The whole show is about shots showing the Coleman label, lanterns, tents, chairs, etc all clearly displaying the label.

And it doesnt end there, Kate puts down her water bottle with the label clear to all, we see the Nike emblem on her shirt, a long shot of the kids taking their shoes off - crocs of course in a wide variety of colors...

other episodes cover getting new solar panels, tummy tucks, hair transplant, washing machines, a trip to the grocery store. and its all free to jon and kate because its really a means to advertise a product.

Im amazed that this ridiculous show is the number one rated show on cable television most weeks. Its nothing more than a half hr infomercial for a product.

more on the millitary...

my father-in-law is a vet of the vietnam war. he is proud of the nation and the war back then. so he wasnt too happy when i showed him documents that proved the start of the war was a total lie.

If your unfamiliar, the us involvement in vietnam escalated after President Johnson went before congress and stated that us warships had been attacked and navy men were killed. Its known as the Gulf of Tonkin incident. The problem is there wasnt any attack nor any casualties.

The war, the resulting 58,000 americans killed and 1+ million wounded was based on a purposeful lie. The reasons are always the same, money and power.

My father-in-law was less than receptive to the idea that he suffered and watched friends die so the elite could gain more profits and control.

The evidence is clear that we went into vietnam under false pretenses. The evidence grows that we went into iraq under similiar lies.

so why the hell do people continue to join the military ???

I can only imagine the answer has to do with a total lack of knowledge on whats really going on. And that goes back to my topic, infotainment keeps us blind.

we're being programmed to be good little consumers and follow whatever trends the celebraties do.

I fear this wont change anytime soon (if ever). Our whole society is based on consumption and money. These things lead to our enslavement, pollution, depletion of natural resources, and war. Yet humanity cant seem to grasp a world without money and consumption.

I fear for my children....

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 10:53 AM
let me add something to your thought process...

Rothchild wanted something, America... he hired Haitian mercenaries to fight for the crown... so this tells me that in his book of tricks is to keep hiring enemies until you go bankrupt and then he walks in and buys it for a song.... simular too - the mind game they played on London ... to take over the London Stock Exchange back during Napolian days...

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posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 10:57 AM
Yes we know.

Its hilarious with all these people following specially the trends. They are brainwashed babies. I look at the world and think most people are really weird, not questioning or thinking about why they do what they do.

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 11:05 AM
Nice post and you are right on. There was controversy over the " Joe Millionaire Bachelor" reality show that was focused on the fact that it was a ll a setup.

Great job!!!

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 12:56 PM
Lets take a look now at People Magazine...

Its a very popular magazine with 3.75 million subscribers. That number is misleading though as it gets read by far more. It sits in doctors' offices, auto repair shops, etc.

Its coveted by advertisers everywhere. It won an award, "Magazine of the year 2005" by Advertising Age.

People magazine's most popular issues are its Most Beautiful People issue, Best and Worst Dressed List, and Sexiest Man Alive issues.

People frequently pays millions of dollars for gossip scoops. They paid 4.1 million dollars for the first pictures of Jolie / Brad Pitt's baby

Its owned by Time Inc.

The magazine literally tells its readers what to eat, what to wear, and what to think. And ironically we pay for it !

Flipping through my wife's copy today, issue dated aug 10...

inside cover and page 1 - 2 page ad about makeup with Ellen Degenerous featured

page 2 - ad featuring honda car clearance sale

page 3 and 4 - contents list

page 5 - ad featuring Dove soap

page 6 and 7 - two page ad featuring Pantene hair products

page 8 - mail from subscribers

page 9 - ad featuring Secret deodorant

page 10 - ad featuring

page 11 - ad featuring Fuji film

page 12 and 13 - finally something that isnt an ad, an article featuring Jennifer Lopez 40th birthday party

page 14 - picture of Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez kissing

page 15 - article and pics of celebraties that attended Comic-Con

page 16 - picture of Angelina Jolie in the airport

page 17 - ad featuring Sally Hanson nail polish

page 18 - picture of former Dancing with the Stars Melissa Rycroft hosting a pool party at a Las Vegas hotel called Palazzo

page 19 - ad for movie with Meryl Streep called Julia and Julia

page 20 - pics of celebraties doing random things

page 21 - ad for bipolar drug medication

page 22 - all of the side effects of bipolar medication incuding suicide

page 23 - article on reality show star Jon about his dating escapades

page 24 - article on Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush breaking up

pae 25 - ad featuring Revlon makeup, Jennifer Connelly pictured

page 26 - pic of Reese Witherspoon shopping

page 27 - ad for cat food, Fancy Feast

page 28 - pics of various celebraties at Comic-Con

page 29 - ad for Babybel Cheese

page 30 - article titled 5 questions for Kevin Connolly

page 31 - ad for Walmart

page 32 and 33 - ad for a drug called Enbrel for skin rashes

page 34 - side effects listed for Enbrel including heart failure

there are 80 pages total so i dont want to list them all but essentially its the same thing. one pic of some celebrity doing something followed by an advertisement.

This magazine and other gossip rags like it have huge influence over our society. Considering its contents that scares me.

Its message is clear, consume what we tell you to consume. eat what we tell you to eat. and care about what celebrity is marrying or divorcing this week.

my wife was stunned to see this list. she had no idea the magazine had so many ads. this is how the elite are working their magic. theyre weaving thought control into entertainment and we dont see it.

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 01:01 PM
Hey, Star, flag, and a bump to a really good thread.

Quick add to note: the things you mentioned are mind control. Persuasive, and subliminal, designed to actually make you not have full ability to use your critical thinking skills.

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 01:05 PM

Originally posted by admriker444
This magazine and other gossip rags like it have huge influence over our society. Considering its contents that scares me.

Its no accident that society becomes more and more about ego fulfillment and superficiality. Girls wants better looking guys with more money, and guys try to do what they can. It changes a society.

Im not saying all girls are superficial, but they are on average more into looks,fashion and celebrities than the average man.

And girls get their ideas from the magazines. Hence, magazine owner changes world.

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posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 01:27 PM

Originally posted by sanchoearlyjones
Hey, Star, flag, and a bump to a really good thread.

Quick add to note: the things you mentioned are mind control. Persuasive, and subliminal, designed to actually make you not have full ability to use your critical thinking skills.

no question they dont want critical thinkers.

one of the rockefellers stated once "we want a nation of workers, not a nation of thinkers"

posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 12:47 PM
more infotainment... a-Today-correspondent-1520705.story

anyone wanna bet another Bush makes a run at the White House in another decade ?

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