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"The Rock!!!!"

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posted on Jul, 21 2009 @ 09:42 PM
As he climbed up the mountain, he drew a shiver and placed on his gloves, the cold now bitter as he climbed the mountain to find the spot of yesterdays climb,
The sun began to splinter throughout the early morning fog,
a purple haze now shimmered through the remaining thick clouds above.
The thought of mystery had deeply sunk in as he continued to find what was waiting beyond the Rock!
He fumbled to remove the large pieces cluttering the entrance to the door of a mysterious cave they lay embedded within,
His heart now trembled and his hands violently shook as he Removed the last peice of Rock to the entrance of the cave. A sudden force came speeding
from beyond, a force that was so powerful and corrupt, he drew one one last breath beyond the cursed Rock.

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