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TinWiki: Cockatrice

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posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 12:11 PM
The Cockatrice is said to be about the size of a Dragon or Wyvern, with a rooster's head and the body of a dragon. It is described as having red or black eyes. This creature is born from an egg laid by a cock and incubated by a toad or serpent.

This strange creature is able to turn people to stone and kill people by just looking at them or touching them. Like the fire breathing Dragon, it can kill you by breathing on you. The cockatrice is thought to be very similar to another legendary creature called the Basilisk.

One of the main things that are said to kill the Cockatrice is a Weasel as it is the only animal that is immune to its stare. Another thing that is said to kill a Cockatrice is a Roosters crow, but according to legend the only sure fire way to kill one is by placing a mirror in from of them and getting it to look at itself. Even after it dies the Cockatrice is still said to be able to turn people to stone, a lot like the legendary head of Medusa.

"For they say that when a Cock groweth old, he layeth a certaine egge without any shell, instead whereof it is covered with a very thicke skinne, which is able to withstand the greatest force of an easie blow or fall. They saye, moreover, that this egge is layd onely in the Summer time, about the beginning of the Dogge-dayes (between early July and early September), being not so long as a Hens Egge, but round and orbiculer:...sometimes of a yellowish muddy color... and afterward sat upon by a Snake or Toad, bringeth forth the Cockatrice, being halfe a foot in length, the hinder part like a snake, the former part like a Cocke, because of a treble comb on his forehead."

This is the image that is best known today of this creature. It has been used on many coats of arms particularly the arms of the city of Basel in Switzerland.


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