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TinWiki: Close Encounter

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posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 12:03 PM
A close encounter is an event where a person or persons see a ufo or alien being. The term close encounter and the subsequent classification system was started by J. Allen Hynek in 1972, in his book: The UFO Experience; A Scientific Inquiry. Originall Hynek started out with three categories of close encounters, close encounters of the first, second and third kinds. Later close encounters of the fourth and fifth kind were added, however these extra categories are not universally accepted by ufologists. Sightings more than 500ft. away are classified as either radar /visual reports, daylight discs or nocturnal lights. Hynek argued that a close encounter must occur within 500 ft. to rule out errors of misidentification of aircraft or natural phenomenon by the observer.

Close Encounter of the First Kind

  • Lights seen at night.
    Flying Saucer
    Any type of aerial phenomenon that cannot be attributed to human activity.

Close Encounter of the Second Kind

An obsevation of a ufo, with associated physical effectsd such as:

  • Missing Time
  • radioactivity
  • interference of radio or engine in a car.
  • evidence of a landing

Close Encounter of the Third kind

An observation of "animate beings" seen in association with a ufo sighting. Hynek chose the somewhat vague term of "animate beings".

Bloecher Sub-Types

Ufologist Ted Bloecher created 7 subtypes of encounters to describe a close encounter of the third kind:

  • 1. An entity is observed only inside the UFO
  • 2: An entity is observed inside and outside the UFO
  • 3: An entity is observed near to a UFO, but not going in or out.
  • 4: An entity is observed. No UFOs are seen by the observer, but UFO activity has been reported in the area at about the same time
  • 5: An entity is observed. But no UFOs are seen and no UFO activity has been reported in the area at that time
  • 6: No entity or UFOs are observed, but the subject experiences some kind of "intelligent communication"
  • 7: Abduction (same as close encounter of fourth kind)

Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind

This is an encounter where a person is abducted by aliens.

Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind

This is an encounter where there is intelligent sharing going on. These types of encounters can be initiated by humans.


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