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Why any Hate Bill is Hateful

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posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 12:37 AM
All of our rights were based off of the concept of Natural Rights; which any living creature was given by the creator..... It is as simple as that; no christian theology need apply to the very simplistic nature of that.

Now, we are being continually whipped with countless mounds of yearly legislation. We are all told it is for our own good, but I'd have to differ on that opinion. The number of times the US Govt., or most governments of the world have purposefully hurt their citizens is immense. Just look at history, and all the turmoil.

I know none of this legislation has ever helped me. The same monopolies that were around at the turn of the 20th century are still around. Sure, now there are ten corporations instead of the one, but most are in the realm of veiled corporations, and foundations. Look for the owner, and you'll never find one. Take Standard Oil; seems the Rockefeller's still have huge sway in the decisions of Washington, and the realm of Power Broker's. So, who does any legislation benefit; my rights are based off, and numerated by Natural Law; the Law of The Land. In my opinion, any legislation, especially Hate Law legislation benefits the Power Broker's. It is a continuance of the age old divide, and conquer.

Monday of this week, July 13th the current hate bill was voted down, but now there is a renewed effort to attach it as a Rider apparently on a Defense Spending Bill. Now, in my last thread I had many people say it's only for violent crime, and to that I say read the definition of "crime of violence". It has nothing to do with hands on violence. It is quite vague, and open to simply 'inciting' 'possible' hands on violence. With the definition given no one has to be physically harmed to be guilty of a hate crime.

Not to mention the ability to amend the current bill later on; such as the Patriot Act had happen. It is indeed another nail in the coffin that tyranny is placing all American's in.

Now, Forget the lies told by Legislatures, and the MSM regarding the 'good' reasons for this bill. Again, my Natural Rights give me protections(I'm of Jewish decent, and have MD; so I'm way 'protected' by the Hate Law). I want to focus on a large situation in this world that this Hate Bill will help conceal; that is the Israeli seige on Palestine.

The Zionist's of Israel which include Joe Biden(the catholic) have been hiding behind Judiasm, and screaming Anti-Semetism everytime the world catches wind of what they are doing to the Palestinian people; especially the ones inside of Gaza. Because of these Zionists it has given every person of Jewish decent, or even the average American a bad rap throughout the world. I don't like that.

Go research the "Jewish Internet Defense Force". It's more, or less a full fledged propaganda machine openly undermining, and causing the closing of sites on the net. They've helped throw Holocaust 'questioner's' in prison(see australia). They state they are there to curb terrorism on the net, but again in a one sided hateful manner they bragg about the gang like mentality forcing advertisers to pull ads. In turn this causes different sites to loose income; this is considered economic terrorism in itself. The JIDF will be protected under this Hate Legislation. I wish people could understand the actual mind 'distortion' they are causing. They are committing atrocities; at the same time screaming descrimination towards any group that out's their evil deeds.

It seems to not fail. Everytime there is an atrocity 'outed' regarding what Israel has done to the Palestinians, there is cry from the MSM of Anti-Sematism..... Yet, it's not me, or the jews I know doing the screaming, it's the Israeli controlled MSM. Whether it is taking away the Palestinians heritage, and names, starving them out, killing them, or destroying their homes; Anti Sematism fills the airwaves.

This newer Hate Bill will end the ability of the World as a whole, or the blogger from presenting the truth; which the MSM will not. It will make it a Hate crime; as it might insite violence towards the Zionist Israeli's.

I have to ask where does that leave the Palestinians? They'll have no other choice, but to die at the hands of the 'oppressed'. This will be because we were duped again into more legislation which helps no regular person, but Power elite.

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 01:21 AM
I don't think many people on ATS care about hate crimes laws.

If you had mentioned hate crimes against pregnant gay male zombies you would be really busy reading comments.

Mods this was a joke, I was not being mean to the Op.

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 01:30 AM
reply to post by wyleecoyote

Thanks for the comment wylee. Yep, no idiots here, I think most of us can tell when someone's joking.

I think it's too bad that most people are to concerned with cr*pping on others with govt. approval. Indeed they'll get that ability for a short time as the PTB ferment their plans.

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