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What was it…

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posted on May, 6 2004 @ 06:03 AM
I was driving this morning from my girl’s house about 2 AM on my motorbike half the way a spotted something Brigit in the sky, it could have been a falling star, but I don’t think so, a have seen lost of falling start and that didn’t looked like one and it went more like side ways as for the normal down words falling star and it went on for longer then a normal falling star.

Like I shed it could have been a falling star, it’s the firs time I sow something like it I will explain it was very Brigit and went on for about 1 min side ways, and it hadn’t had a tail behind it and gust suddenly disappeared,
I’m not a expert on this but is it possible for a falling star to go side ways, for me I don’t think so don’t make sense, are it alien don’t know never sow something like it so wouldn’t know…

What do you think I will like to know…?

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