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About dreams and parallel universes correlations

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posted on Jun, 25 2009 @ 01:31 PM
I have an interesting and somewhat weird story to tell:

Since 2007 I kept memories of my dreams on a note-book; it wasn't so late that I started to think deeply about some of their meaning, I started to have premonitory dreams of situations that were actually realising in a similar way to the dreams' situations. Not always, though.

I started to have many and mny dreams about my friendship with a guy, whit whom I'm actually merely a acquaintance ( sorry for mistkes in English, I'm from Italy ).
I had no clue about those dreams, because during the long period I was having those dreams, I and this guy were not even seeing each other around in the city!

The " climax " of the situation came when I dreamt that he was moving in another country. During that dream, I said him goodbye and I felt like I was falling from the sky. When I woke up, I was crying and whispering " My best friend! ".
What the heck? I was telling myself, why those dreams like they are an alternate life?
Exactly a year after, I found a way to contact him again on the net and he told me he had just moved in a countryside village near my city.
I was astonished at the news, and looking to his old pictures in his blog, I was even feeling a sorta of loss, I was missing a friendship with a guy I merely knew.
The day after we re-contacted I met him by absolute chance and he was so astonished to see me that he couldn't say me hi.
We met twice that day and both the meeting were similar to situations I had dreamt about.

He comes from East Europe and he has a brother, often the brother is present in my dreams, and I have actually two best friends brothers from East Europe, like they are substitutes of those two.

Another similar story, in 2007 I was an entertainer in a campus for teenagers ( I was 17 ), and one day I met a kid who was absolutely confident with me. In a week we were acting like old friends.
He was not that confident with other people, though he was very curious.
Guess what, during the winter of 2007 I started to dream about him...
In almost all of those dreams he was living in my house, talking with my parents and my brother and we were sharing the house with many many siblings.

( To add something, I always felt something missing in my family, I have just one brother but I wanted many more, and in my dreams I'm always in my home with these unknown siblings ) I even dreamt about all of their pregnancies, when those siblings were born from my mother.

This kid in my dreams was even a friend with that guy I talked of above.
I realised my dreams were showing always a different season from the world I live when I'm awake.
This kid is also my neighbor, and we are very close friends now. We didn't even spent so much time knowing each other, the bond was immediate.
I use to say to him I feel he's like a brother for me and he said that he thinks the same, him too considers me a brother.
Also, i noticed that he has not any kind of problem talking with my parents.
When my father first knew him was when he visited the campus in summer 2008 and I was staying with many kids having lunch and the first who said him hello was my neighbor, though he didn't even see my father before that time.
I'm very open with him and him is too with me, we share many secrets.
When we don't meet for a certain period of time I start to miss him very much.

People also always asks to us if we are brothers, and often he says yes, and he says me to stay in the game.

I also dreamt about another person and than months after those dreams I actually met him for first time, guess what, me and this guy share all of the friends and he also knows my neighbor.

What do you think about those stories? Do you know of similar situations?

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posted on Jun, 29 2009 @ 02:21 PM
This is the thing with dreams.. none of us have yet fully understood what goes on in our dreams, why we have them and how they connect us to the cosmos.

You seem to have tapped into some cosmicx force in your dreams that has connected you to these people in some manner..

Learn from it.. and maybe in time, you will have more of your own answers for this than anyone could ever offer..

You never know, you might even be able to write about this in such detail that you'll have your own book published in the future.

I hope the dreams continue and reveal more things to you.

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 06:56 AM
reply to post by Matteo

It's a very good thing to keep your dreams in notebook. I also have thought of it first, but im not a diligent person so i could never keep up :/ My mom also often has similar experience like you have, one dream that was the strangest that She and her sister dreamt about meeting each other in one place (that they both had never visited) in a 1 same night, it was exactly the same dream and they remembered what they were talking about in that dream. Months later that place happened to be my aunt's new home in PT. Sinar Mas plantation in Borneo where her husband's assigned to work. Our family from my mother's side often experience strange things like that. Anand Krishna ( a Hindhu writer) once said about "silver string" that connect our soul with our body when we're sleeping (if the string's broken, then we die); i think what you had been experienced was astral projection.

Btw, i wanna share my stories too. I was a weird kid, i saw and heard something people didnt see or hear. I had these dreams and thought (which i cant forget) long before ive heard of people talking about Mayan's Prophecy and 2012.

A strange dream when i was a kid, which the only part i cant forget is i was awakened in my bedroom then i looked outside the window, i saw some UFO the one i remember is a bright orange-light UFO very near to my bedroom window. It was saying something, but i cant remember what it was i only remember i was terified.

Probably a year ago, i had another strange dream that i cant forget. I was in the house with my mom, dad, and sis, there's all this chaost and storm, i saw everbody's panic. (i dont remember what happen after this) but suddenly there were only me, my mom, and my sis in the middle of the city, there were meteor rains, buildings were burning, everybody was screaming and running. I didnt see my sis anywhere, i saw an apartment near me i called my mom to go inside the building with me. My mom saw me but she didnt follow. I went inside the building alone. It was very quiet and nobody was there because everybody's alread outside, i walked outside that building. (dont remember in detail after this) i was in a truck on the street near that building, it was flooded inside that truck so i screamed (i was afraid of getting drowned). Suddenly i was alone in my grandparent's house in Medan, my grandparents werent there, i was alone, all the chaost had gone, i couldnt hear sound of animal and human, it was an absolute tranquility. Somehow it was the most peaceful and beautiful feeling while at the same time in that tranquil moment i felt the deepest feeling of sadness ive never had experienced (in dream and in real life), i realized everbody i love is gone. A few moments later, i remember that i looked at the sky, it was the brightest and most beautiful, with so many stars and planets. I saw the stars and planets going nearer and nearer until theyre very big and seems very close to the earth. In that moment i felt greatest fear... I remember one of the star's the most beautiful which i realized then it was the sun. Then everything went black. I woke up, my heart was beating really fast, and i had sweat all over my face.

I remember i used to read some story in Quran (about doomsday). In the end of times, what appear right is wrong and otherwise, the men will become women, and women will become like men, children no longer have respect to parents. When the day's almost come, the sun will rise from the west and set to the east. When the day has come, the sun's only 1 inch from your head. This story wasnt scary to me, i just couldnt forget it like that.

Sure it's normal to have dreams that you have long time ago and things you heard or been told long time ago that you just cant forget. It's only my feeling that some of my dreams and my thought might be related to the judgement day.

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