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Must Watch: Newest video presentation on world wide corruption

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posted on Jun, 23 2009 @ 10:14 PM
This is the newest, never seen before online video presentation on world wide corruption, it was just loaded onto the youtube site, and the ATS site and their members are the first prioirty for being told of it's existence.

Throughout history, there have been knowledgable people warning us about law and governance. There have been recorded events in recent history "reflecting what we need to see", and, important statements quoted by very famous people, "telling us all what we needed to hear".

This video presents a deep look into the obvious world wide crisis. This video focuses on the problem that forces people into war against their will, and, forces people to lose their will to stand up for justice within their own communities.

This is not simply a crisis in western nations, but, it is a crisis people across the natural world face every day, in every city of every country, even right now, til this very minute. The reality is heart breaking, but, it is something we all know in our hearts, and yet, we fear the punishment of exposing the simple truth.



Feel free to download the video to your computer from the cable nations website, and if it impresses you, please share it to others by posting about it somewhere else on the internet.

The 7 minutes of this video may help bring truth to many people surfing the net, and help them to realize, "our safety can only be achieved collectively as a community dedicated to the prevention of violence everywhere".

Merely spreading the word of unity amongst civilians is action enough to grab the attention of both the general civilian and those civilians in the enforcement of laws.

After all, the sad reality is, the people in our community who are employed to police and govern our community, are, also civilians of the community once they take off their military gear, their police uniforms, and their business suits after court and government sittings.

They too, are only sheep leading a herd of sheep to the wolves, and inevitably, they must come to realize the sad truth that they have only serviced the wills of the wolf by sacrificing their own kind, more sheep.

They as well need to awaken to the obvious. War and injustice through law could never occur if we all just agree as sheep not to enforce the wishes of the big bad wolves lol. Ain't we a primitive group of technologically advanced people hey?

Just kidding. Anyways, thanks for your time. Hope you enjoy the video.

posted on Jun, 23 2009 @ 10:22 PM
I just created a similar thread, called Class Warfare -- A message from Noam Chomsky, which outlines the true reasons why this is happening, what the goal is, and who is benefiting (Hint: Check the fortune 500).

Good post, but I have to add one thing: We have control over the government, because we vote in the power structure that runs it. Do not throw away the importance of democracy, because you're disillusioned with what the main stream media has turned our democratic process into.

TPTB didn't get to the highest office in in the land by force, they used the vote. At every turn, they try to quash independent movements, third party candidates, and stifle voices that don't serve their agenda. DON'T FALL FOR IT. America can be great once again, but it takes organization, education, and a public aware to what's going on, and for what reason.

This thread is a good start, imo:

Edit to add the OP video:

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posted on Jun, 23 2009 @ 10:59 PM
Thanks alot for embedding the vid, I wasn't having any luck doing it.

Also thanks for adding a great perspective to the thread on Noam Chomsky, I have been aware of his positions for some time now, and he is incredibly intelligent, give him that.

Hopefully, this thread will get a few more additional resources included and a flew more flags, hint hint.

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