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Poland UFO Disclosure - Col. Grundmanem say "UFO files got stolen"

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posted on Jun, 23 2009 @ 06:39 PM

...They do not hide it because it does not exist. After I left, the staff stopped the systematic collection of reports on the subject. Too bad. Armies of the west investigating unusual phenomena, and the Russians do it as well.

And what happened to reports gathered?
After my retirement, the folder disappeared.

It disappeared. I do not have it.

And what became of it?
I do not know.

A blow for Polish disclosure? Maybe even a bogus source. A pretty cool interview which raises questions. Who took the folder and more importantly and harder to answer.... does it still exist?
Some good accounts in his interview anyway.

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posted on Jun, 23 2009 @ 06:48 PM
Good interview. Fairly typical accounts . . . exceeds anything a man made craft can do . . . picked up by multiple radar locations . . . seen on the ground by multiple witnesses . . . nah, there's nothing to UFOs, just a bunch of nonsense.

posted on Jun, 23 2009 @ 08:33 PM
As I can see, not whole article was translated. Ok so this is my atempt to translate rest of this article.

And this is source from polish website, wich isn't connected to ufo community, but rather is something like yahoo.

Q: Maybe this civilians were just messing with them?

A: I don’t know, but report from this action, said later, that soldiers who were sent, there few hundred meters further, saw strong light. They thought at first the woods were on fire. But after they came closer to nearby clearing, they saw an cigar shaped object hovering 10 meters over ground. It was 50 meters long, and it sent strong red light. Soldiers from patrol were shocked. They didn’t shoot, didn’t said anything. Few moments later object changed color to willow-green, then green, blue and suddenly took of noiseless with tremendous speed. Soldiers checked area afterward but couldn’t find anything interesting.

What is typical their report wasn’t noted in official note. It was treated as curious detail.

Q: How often this kind of reports were treated just as “curious details”?

A: Quite often. Well even I didn’t knew what to think about them. Once I wanted pice of advice from my supervisor. So I went to Colonel Topolnicki, and told him that from time to time strange object appear over Poland, and asked him what he thought about them. He then with mysterious face said: Wait a moment, I’ll show you something. And took a document from safe which was a report from two pilots, who while air patrol encountered over Baltic sea unidentified object. They were directed to it by ground control which spotted it on their radar screens. They finally were about 200 meters from it. The object had cylinder shape about 6 meters in length. It was black with no markings, no steering, engines or windows it also did not left any contrail. When pilot armed his weapons, and asked for permission to use weapon, object started to maneuver rapidly. Crew lost it from sights. It also disappeared from radar screens. It was strange. I hust remember Pilots names captain Zbigniew Praszczałek and Lieutenant Marek Jacewicz. You can’t say about hallucinations in this case.

Q: Did pilots talked openly about this mysterious flying objects?

A:No. Telling stories about meeting with the "flying saucers" could very easily put them in ridicule with colleagues and loss of prestige. In many cases pilots didn’t talk about encountering unknown objects. They rather liked to forget about it. Even if few pilots seen such ting at one time, they didn’t talked about it with each other afterwards.

Q: Were there situations when more than one aircraft encountered flying saucers?

A: Yes. Once in 1980, seven Fighter jets encountered unidentified object. Mig-21 from Mierzecica air base were training interceptions. Suddenly pilots flying one behind the other noticed that pulsating variable light, in the shape of an “saucer” object with blue-gray dome on top of it flew over to them. It had size of 3 airplanes. It flew over to each fighter, commencing maneuvers which denied all physics laws. It changed rapidly it’s horizontal and vertical directions. Pilots were shocked, and scared, because no object which had mass could do such things. They canceled flight and landed as soon as they could. One of pilots made pictures of this object with his photogun(?).

=> continued in next post

posted on Jun, 23 2009 @ 08:37 PM
Q: what could you see in this pictures?

A: This picture was made when this object was about 800 meters away from the aircraft. You could se just gray dot. But pilots behavior while landing suggests that they were shocked by this encounter. Six of them damaged their gear while landing. All of them were very experienced fighter pilots, bit even that they had hard landing. Afterward when they met they didn’t talk about it until one of them said that he has seen something strange. Just then rest of them admitted that they seen something they hadn’t seen ever before.

It turned out that radar stations also reported something strange, but operators thought that dot which suddenly appeared, and then disappeared was probably an equipment malfunction.

Q; Did reports about Ufo’s looked like that? Pilot sees something strange, but there are no hard evidence, that they really seen it?

A: If there hadn’t been any report from radar stations, you could just trust only pilot testimony. Of course while in air you can misread some events, and probably some encounters can have rational explanation, but not all of them for sure. Pil objectots are prepared for many situations, but all of them, which have encountered unidentified say that it was something exceptional, not from this world. Something which they could not explain with knowledge they had. One other things, pilots admitted that while encountering such objects they were paralyzed with fear. Of course thanks to the training they maneuvered they crafts, reported their encounters, and acted along with all procedures. But first and foremost they were scared. And they were not scared about their lives, or shooting down this object. They feared the unknown, with mystery. This always scare people.

Q: Do you think that also nowadays pilots encounter UFO’s?

A: Probably yes. But today our airplanes don’t fly as often as in 70’s and 80’s. Cold war have ended, Air force has different tasks and duties. But reading today’s reports would be interesting, that’s sure.

Q: And what do you think about this phenomena?

A: I was always skeptical about any report. Probably because of that, for 42 years of my duty I have never seen any UFO. I always wanted to be rational. But there were cases, where my common sense gave up. Pilot knows what to expect while being in air. And if he reports precisely that object made maneuvers, which couldn’t be made by any earth made machine, there is no reason not to believe him. And especially there is no reason not to believe several pilots. There are no mass hallucinations in air.

Q: So have you believed in ufo while you were in military?

A: No. But if you can’t understand something it doesn’t mean it is not existing. I would rather say: I don’t know. I just don’t know. But if military or civilian organizations approached this topic seriously, and not giving it label of “curious event” Maybe we could know something more about it. For now you must accept your ignorance.

Sorry for bad quality translation, but my language skills aren’t as good as I wish. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 06:13 AM
reply to post by Nebro

Brill Nebro, thanks for that!
I was hoping someone would have a bit of knowledge.....

posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 07:46 AM
We tried to keep the original accent on purpose since they lost the file, it is funny.. Great Britain release the UFO files, Canada release the UFO files, Poland loses the UFO files...

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