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One of my Late Grand Fathers was in the Intelligence Corp

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posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 01:53 PM
Hi, I haven't come here with a story as such but more just in search of information. I almost posted this in the skunk works section so if it needs moving please feel free mods. Maybe it would get a better response there actually?

Basically one of grand fathers sadly died last year of cancer. I didn't know until after his death that he was actually a sergeant in the intelligence corp of I'm presuming the english army. I have two pictures that can prove this if people doubt me (although I don't think this is anything rare). I was always told he did national service and that was all, to my knowledge hardly anyone in our family knew he was in the intelligence corp.

I just wondered if he'd have possibly dealt with any classified information? I don't know much about the army/military but was told by a friend it was quite a good position he held as sergeant of intelligence but I don't know if this is even that good a rank? I have also heard my mother say that he had something to do with interrogating germans if I remember correctly. But he was born in 1935 and would have been I think 18 by the time he joined the army so it wouldn't have been anything to do with the WW2 surely?

Also I can't understand why it was kept such a secret even years after he left? Is this usual protocol?

I recently found out his father was also in the army as was his father who was apparently a high ranking officer but was murdered (not sure why or how I can get information and documents to prove this from family at a later date if needed).

I've also had a few dreams where I've dreamt my grandfather spoke to me and was even told a very big bit of information (nothing major to the world or anything just personal) that came true. I'm not saying this is anything at all to do with him being in the intelligence corp of course, just some information I thought I'd share also.

After he left the army I'm not sure what he did exactly buy he eventually went into teaching and was successful architect.

Anyway if someone could fill me in on the above info I'd be grateful.


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posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 04:28 PM
Being in 'intelligence' is a fairly broad category. It could be anything from prisoner interrogation, through signals monitoring, photographic recon to even passing down the weather reports.

In Intel, one will generally have a security clearance. In the UK, the Official Secrets Act would govern that. Most people who have access to classified information are usually pretty good at keeping their mouths shut. That is part of your job, and a point of personal honor. Further, jawing about classified information can lead to criminal charges.

You say that your grandfather was a sergeant. A sergeant is a non-commissioned officer. An NCO typically takes the order from an officer and gets it done, either by leading other soldiers, or by using his specific skill set. Not knowing what sort of unit he was in, it cannot be determined exactly what he did.

Speak with other family members, look at photos and letters that he had from the time. If you can determine where he was assigned and when, you may be able to infer. Further, other family members may have memories that may be jogged by the photos and letters.

One thing about classified information is good to keep in mind. Most of it is blindingly mundane.

Good luck with your search.

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 04:49 PM
Ok thanks for that Viking that's a great help I'll ask them soon.

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 01:30 PM
Getting info from my family was like getting blood from a stone I don't know why. My mother knows I'm interested in conspiracy theories so she probably thought it was something stupid.

One bit of info I did get today was that he did his national service on the suez canal in egypt.

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