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I rarely have dreams and when I do, they usually come true

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posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 03:13 AM
Can anyone tell me if this is from some movie they might have seen and not confusing my dreamstate while sleeping because its really been bugging me. It was so vivid just like others I have had (which were not life changing at all)

This started as a child and there is a whole other OT story to this which I will not get into here. When I do have dreams they are of a normal days event usually like I will see something happen at work or people speaking of certain things and they will do this several days later and I routinely experience "dejavu"

Anyway this is how this one played out which I had Friday morning

It was mid-November 2009 (this year)
I was at someone's house who I do not know or did not recognize with my wife and kids. We were all looking out the porch glass back sliding door up in the sky as everyone was instructed to stay indoors by the EBS nationwide. I saw people ignore that and one guy was in this backyard looking up. It was daylight but the moon was visible. Everyone everywhere was focused on it. It had a big cloudlike object ejecting from it kind of like exhaust from space or as if it has been hit by a meteor or commet maybe a few hours earlier. Suddenly small green cannisters the size of a 12oz coke can (probably about 5 per house were dropped from the sky and began emmiting gas or smoke.) Pres Obama came on the air on every channel including HBO and all movie channels interrupting every broadcast explaining, you may have noticed smoke cannisters emmiting smoke and not to be alarmed. This is to thwart off a biological attack from "space" (or aliens but he did not say this) and also combat the swine flu epidemic which had gotten much worse by then. I was caught by surprise or somehow had knowledge that this was not the case in middle-class suburbs or well to do areas. It was more well known swine flu had mutated and dessimated all 3rd world countries. Pannick ensued and a few days went by and no one thought anything of the gas cannisters but people were not allowed to leave their homes still.

What seemed like a few months went by and all was back to normal but people began exhibiting symptoms of someone who had gone through chemotherapy. Everyone everywhere was just "weak" and slept more than usual. I believe the gas spread some sort of disease and yes, swine flue was eliminated and someone blamed strain mutation on either aliens or something to do with activity on the moon before it was struck. People soon began dying of radiation sickness or something similar including very rich, affluent people. I assume only Govt. officials and military were immune because they walked around like nothing was wrong and the military did police some streets as police depts started dying off. It reminded me a lot of "I am Legend" but have only seen that movie once. As more and more died they were all placed in large coffins where an entire family went together usually only up to 4 ppl stuffed in one like garbage to take out. Military Army and Marines had them in front lawns and trucks hauled them away and some were burned on site depending on severity. The human race was dying off and everyone kept saying "everything is fine, go about your lives"

Almost a year went by and there appeared ginormous ships from the moon ascending upon earth and I died or went to sleep in the dream by then, consequently waking up in reality Friday morning. I live near Chicago so assume two ships were coming here via the News. News reporters never became ill either throughout the time period which went into late 2010/early 2011.

Let me know what you think or if there is some sci-fi movie like that

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posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 03:22 AM
Your dream is so strange. Based on what you said now, I think the contents of the dream can be linked to the recent swine flu threat,the 2012 nibiru stuff and the theory that life exists of the moon.

All I can say is, log out, get away from the computer, go outside and see the world. ATS is not the world alone. Going outside and living life is the best medicine.

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 03:25 AM
I only get to read this site maybe 2 hours per week
I am out and working all the time beside that

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 03:31 AM
reply to post by Just Cause

My guess is that you are thinking about the 2012 and swine flu stuff most of the times. If you go to bed with these thoughts, you will get dreams about this only. So, the other option is to clear your mind.

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 03:36 AM

Originally posted by peacejet
reply to post by Just Cause

My guess is that you are thinking about the 2012 and swine flu stuff most of the times. If you go to bed with these thoughts, you will get dreams about this only. So, the other option is to clear your mind.

I could care less about swine flu and actually no, I am thinking about a new startup business all the time. I don't know what to think about 2012 and actually didn't really consider this part of it until you mentioned it. How would you tie in the other things you mentioned such as nibiru? I only saw the moon and "moon dust"

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 03:56 AM

...something to do with activity on the moon before it was struck. ...
[edit on 21-6-2009 by Just Cause]

What did you mean by this statement? Struck by whom?

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 04:02 AM
reply to post by Just Cause

When you said of the moon in clear sky(which is absolutely normal), but,

It was daylight but the moon was visible. Everyone everywhere was focused on it. It had a big cloudlike object ejecting from it kind of like exhaust from space or as if it has been hit by a meteor or commet maybe a few hours earlier.

This made me think that you were refering to nibiru's moon.

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 04:29 AM
reply to post by Just Cause

Yes well don't worry about it because it won't happen.

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 09:13 AM
Well it seems to me like you're hoping this dream is some sort of precognition.

There are two options you can take a look at:

There are three categories of dreams,

1) Lucid
2) Precognitive
3) Symbolic

1) is out, because you're not actually IN control in your dream. So it's either precognitive or symbolic.

Now I think it's more symbolic because all the elements you see inside are currently being reflected in our everyday media, but with elements of realistic precognition.

If you see things like your friend getting hit by a car, or your father falling down some stairs... those are precognitive. If you see your boss getting eaten by a dragon, or a giant pig with the word "FLU" on it eating the 3rd-world country, or in your case a moon spewing clouds and Obama giving a report on swine flu, it is symbolic.

It is ONLY because you are on ATS that you perceive such an occurance of the moon spewing clouds to be a possibility, that nibiru might crash into our moon and whatnot. However, to someone normal, he would not have dreamnt of this.

Hence it is symbolic, but with elements of precognition as Obama's news report may, unfortunately, be a possibility.

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 01:05 PM
reply to post by Just Cause

Well I dreamed a long time ago about World War 3 and 4 and it's similar to yours.

WW3 caused total destruction and only a hand full of surviving military officials basically went against their dieing governments and signed a peace treaty that slowly grew and became a global World Union. The World Union was oppressive like a police state, but only because it was seeking the best for everyone. Anywho, a generation grew up under this government. They soon began hating it. An exiled leader from America (currently exiled simply in an unknown location) suddenly began making terrorist videos and he and some military commanders began plotting. The World Union was constructing a massive series of facilities on the moon that would provide enough energy to meet global demand many times over. This would make them in total control of people's needs, and therefore in total control of the people. The plotters sought to stop this. They sent an agent to this facility, and a bomb with him. He set it, and left. The facility was blown up, and with it most of the active sites across the moon. Debris fell down, but they burned up. None the less the moon facility was no more, and it was a signal for the revolution to begin. WW4 started and after many years of fighting, the world was in the hands of this one exiled general. He built a new world union that was a republic and not oppressive.

Besides the moon part, another scene which perhaps echoes in your dream is the ships in the sky. In my dream, Chicago was one of the many cities lost in WW3... Actually around 2011. That's why your dream makes me scared. WW3 was a multipart war. America was an active participant, but later America left the war to combat it's own problems at home. The result was the attacking of the government in D.C. while most of the government leaders where at a meeting. This followed with the fracture of the nation into the hands of military leaders (again echoing military presence in your dream). The entire Mississippi became kind of like a no man's land roughly a year into the civil war. As this internal war in America began, and WW3 raged elsewhere, the two sides took their places in America. To the East lay the nationalists, lead by pro-republic military leaders from America Canada and Mexico (This civil war was not limited to the US, as all of North America was involved). To the west lay the Federalists. Supporters of the old Federal government. Left behinds after the attack, lead by a pro-gov general. The leaders of the two sides fought hand together in Arabia and Europe and Asia, helping their allies. Now they fought each other. Chicago, in particular, was a city in trouble. Tanks and planes began hitting each other and the Mississippi began looking like the shores of Normandy in WW2. The Eastern side began evacuating Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans, etc etc. While the West had no issue with bombing civil centers and reducing cities to rubble.

Long story short, most of the cities along the Mississippi and next to the river, like Chicago, were lost. yea, Chicago isn't on the river, but it was still bombed to hell by the Western side.

Eventually the east breached the west's defenses and won the war. But the war was a losing one simply because so many died. And once the war was won, the war in the world was also over. Russian, Chinese, African, and European generals abandoned their collapsed governments and signed a peace treaty unifying them into a larger union of governments. Purges occurred to exterminated what remained of each other's governments soon after. Within a year they forced America to submit to this union, and put both sides on war crime trials. The Eastern general had long died by rifle squad in 2013 by the west's hands. Now, in 2015, the East was lead by a business man, who was allowed to leave in exile. The western general was charged with crimes against humanity and shot by rifle squad. Within 5 years this noble union began decaying into a police state. Some generals took more power and soon it became a military oligarchy. 20 years after the treaty that made the union, it was over. They were launching purges into entire cities and killing civilians without mercy to silence decedents. The moon project was bombed and gone, the people had no energy, no food, and no want to live under this government. The people were now fighting under the command of the exiled eastern leader. The union collapsed, and was replaced by the eastern leader's own government

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posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 01:18 PM
reply to post by Gorman91

Holy #!!!
I pray that this is not the future for us and the road we must travel down. If so, the times ahead look bleak. I'm gonna stay positive though and hopefully if we all do, whatever bad may happen may be able to be deterred. Although who knows what really does lie in store for us, besides the elite and the better inkling they have on what is ahead.


posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 05:05 PM
reply to post by Zetetic_of_Truth

Well the fun thing was that the "elites" were all executed when the government fell in that dream. As I recall, the western general was part of some kind of secretive society. He was a young military commander who was power hungry, executing all the other members of the society. The North American Union had been created months before WW3. They were really not interested in getting involved, but were forced to. Funny thing that is coming true from the dream: Iran was our ally. If the current protests there go full storm, Iran WILL be our ally. So again, the dream of this guy scares me. because I desperately seek to prove my own dream wrong. I may have mentioned parts of this dream in other threads, but I'll just go over some more parts of it. I want to see if the OP has other similarities to my dream.

So, OP, here's some more of my dream. Tell me if anything here rings a bell for you:

Right when the war started growing, the US got involved to protect the African Union and it's trade with them. Africa was kind of the new Saudi Arabia. The Europeans were originally protecting them, But Russia had begun bombing civilian centers in Arabia and Iran to force mass evacuations into Europe. Europe began placing defenses in Poland and other places, and sooner or later it got hot. The US sought to weaken Russia by selling oil to Europe at cheaper prices than Russia was. So as a means of black mail, Russia threaten to get involved with affairs in the middle east. China wanted no part of the war, but was beginning to be affected by US presence in the middle east, because terrorist began running into China as there was simply no where left to run. So when Russia and China began entering the region, the US entered the war. Military positions were placed in Japan, Iran, and Iraq. Russia began fighting with Iran, and trying to get the ousted religious radicals on their side. Pretty soon the US and Russia fought a proxy war in Iran. When actual troops from Russia entered the region, the US did too. This theater of conflict was commanded by the future leader of the East US. Meanwhile in Japan, the US threatened action against China if they didn't leave Afghanistan and Pakistan alone. The US and China were very angry at each other. When the North American Union had been founded, the leader at the time claimed that because The US no longer existed as a nation alone, but was rather now a part of a larger nation of North America, that all debts owed to foreign nations were erased, because the US simply did no longer exist to pay them. That leader made the parallel that you can't charge Italy with debts of Rome, likewise, you can't charge North America with the debts of the old US. This made many many nations pissed off at America, and helped move the world to the current war. Inevitably, Japanese and North American bombers began attaching military production facilities as a threat, and China took this as a declaration of war. The military man in charge of this theater was the future leader of the Western US. His actions here would define his attitude in the future. And unfortunately the failures he committed would make him very angry at the world and not able to live them down. You see this General planned a land invasion of China. And when the time came to commit to that invasion, it failed horrifically. Thousands of North American, Japanese, Australian, and countless other allies all died and hundreds were taken prisoner and beaten. This caused the general in this theater to become hateful of himself and his enemies. A great change occurred within him that made him so wanting to prove his worth.

None the less, the war soon began going the way of the western allies. So the military commanders in Russia began fearing what would occur after the war. They all knew that the only way to stop the war from defeat was to get the US out of the conflict. They did a little repeat of history. Currently, the US was filled with ultra nationalists who hated the government for claiming the USA was no longer a nation. These organized internal terrorists were dangerous. So when one of their leaders who was drafted into the Asian theater was captured in the failed invasion, they made a plan. They would release him, but promise to supply him with weapons and an actual nuke. The nationalist leader was very interested.

Long story short he returned to America, caused a few major attacks, and forced a Summit of North America to be called to decide how to rid the continent of the terrorists. It was during this meeting that he had his men load the nuke into the capitol and blow it up. While en route the car set off alarms, but they sped away to the capital and evaded the police chasing them. An evacuation for the summit was called just in case, but it was too late. The bomb went off, and with it the entire leadership of the continent was killed. The reason why they didn't fear a decapitation shot from their enemy was because of the advancements in technology. Nukes were made obsolete by satellite and anti missile systems (something I've spoken about on these forums). But they failed to realize the inside.

Following this, The generals in Arabia and Asia took over emergency control of the government, recalled the soldiers and left the war, and began a mission to stabilize the nation. The two generals aforementioned both declared each other dual leaders to remove fear of a dictator takeover. Unfortunately the young general decided to make power grabs, while the other general was too busy managing the mess of the nation. Within few months, businessmen and political leaders were begging the other general to declare the power grabber illegal and remove him from power. This would cumulative with the power grabber creating a support base int he western states, and the other general creating a power base in the eastern states. the power pulls of both men ripped the nation in to and combat began between each other. This was from the western general placing bases near eastern cities, and the eastern general eventually attacking these bases, and liberating the cities. Lots of quick flashes occurred in the dream for a moment, including the UN building being burned, the Mississippi aflame with war, and lots of bad things.

The rest I described before
So, OP. Is any of this ringing a bell in your dream?

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posted on Jun, 23 2009 @ 03:09 AM
I am not sure but could have been
from my point of view it was more like I was living in it in the moment. Yours Gorman is more like a world overview of events you might be viewing on a long newscast.

Mine was more like I saw some news, went to the store, came back home, played with my sick kids, I was sick, everyone was sick outside, watched more news here and there in only 3 min segments.

posted on Jun, 23 2009 @ 08:00 PM
reply to post by Just Cause

I have looked at YouTubes' clips of MASS amounts of coffins stored in Georgia and also clips of what seems to be chemicals sprayed in certain cities, Chicago is one of them. I believe your dream has clues of the future. Please post any more information that you may think from your dream.

posted on Jun, 23 2009 @ 08:22 PM
reply to post by Just Cause

Oh ok.

Yea because Mine was kind of like watching a history documentary. One that I was semi-part of. Some parts I was a soldier, other parts an observer, other parts watching PBS. Who knows.

Thanks anyway. Hope your dreams show happy things then mine.

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