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Indian Nuke Scientist Goes Missing - Found Dead

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posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 02:56 AM
This story has been virtually ignored by the MSM. A nuclear scientist goes missing? What really happened to this guy? With so many concerns in that region - Pakistan / China - it's a story that needs more attention:

MUMBAI: A joint operation has been launched by the CISF and the local police to trace a scientist of Kaiga Nuclear Power Plant, who went missing four days back, an Indian news channel quoted a top police official as saying.

L Mahalingam, a top nuclear scientist working at the Kaiga nuclear facility in the Karwar district of Karnataka has been missing since Monday morning.

Mahalingam, who hails from Anna Nagar in Chennai, had gone for his usual morning walk on Monday and has not returned ever since. Although no ransom note or call has been received till now, his wife Vinayaka Sundari is not ruling out kidnap and has since filed an FIR at the Mallapur police station.

The missing nuclear scientist is one of the top officials working in the training section – with access to sensitive documents - of the very important facility tucked away in the remote Karwar region bordering Goa, near to the where the Indian armed forces are building one of their biggest bases – Project Seabird.

"Intensive search is being carried out round the clock by a 40-member team comprising the CISF and local police personnel to trace N Mahalingam, missing since June 8 from the Kaiga township," Superintendent of Police, Uttara Kannada Raman Gupta told.

The police is looking at other angles too as the colony in Mallapur where the incident happened is amidst thousands of acres of dense forests with a sizeable number of leopards. Police with the help of CISF are also planning to launch a search operation in some parts of the forest.

Gupta said that so far no clues had been found so it was difficult to say anything at this juncture.

According to Kaiga spokesperson, a massive manhunt has been launched for Mahalingam. Forest range officer of Kaiga has also been notified to join in the manhunt.

Now the spin is that it was "suicide." Of course.

BANGALORE: Karnataka police on Sunday said they suspect that Kaiga atomic power plant scientific officer Loganathan Mahalingam, 47, had committed suicide by jumping into the swollen Kali river on June 8 when he was reported missing.

Here is an excellent essay/analysis of concerns:

Coming back to the killing of the Mahalingam, there is a need that case should be investigated while keeping in view the all angles in front. First assumption could be that abduction and killing of the senior scientist Mahalingam resulted due to his involvement in global nuke proliferation. He has been eliminated from the scene by the under world mafia on the instructions of some corrupt political and intelligence “Pundits” involved in nuclear proliferation. Thus, expressed supposition do stamped the revealed hypothesis since so called political gentlemen and intelligence lords were trying to avoid their names publicized. RAW and IB were probing the cases and Mahalingam along with his staffs working on the plant were under surveillance of the agencies since last couple of years.

And just as an example of how nuclear secrets and/or proliferation in that region makes for strange bed-fellows with scary potential:

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posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 04:23 AM
This happened a few days back. It was on the Indian news the whole three days as top news. The western media did not pick that up. Officials say that the most likely reason is that he accidentally fell into the river during jogging.

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posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 05:01 AM
Whoah this is like the sum of all fears, one kidnapped and found dead nuke scientist is bad, if they find more..... loook out!

posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 10:13 AM
According to this press release, his primary responsibility was training in all aspects of operations and maintenance for the Kaiga Atomic Power Facility.

So if you get the information you want to infiltrate a facility and you want to cover your tracks, I guess you could eliminate the person who gave/sold you the information. Maybe.

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