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NWO, HN-1,Black Sat’s, Economic Collapse, 2012, Oh My

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posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 12:05 PM
Forgive me if this is a duplicate thread. I’ve really got problems with searching this huge board for duplicates. Not my skill set.

I’ve been reading many good threads here on ATS, and often get mired down in the details of the debates during these chaotic times. It makes it hard to `see the forest through the trees.’

This thread is an attempt to see the forest.

What the heck is going on in the world? It is filled with chaos.
If you read enough threads here and on the net about the N.W.O. you’ve heard
the statement “order from chaos”, and “never let a good, or serious crisis go to waste”

It is no mental stretch to imagine that a crisis can be engineered, planned for, and then not wasted. The recent spate of crisis’s serves this purpose well. The advantage to create change through crisis, is that during a crisis most people are too busy coping to take a look at the forest, or world around them.

If they did, global social unrest, would most likely ensue.

This is an obvious danger in a global community. One faction/country might engage in an engineered crisis, and another country/faction could take that opportunity to either expose the falsehood or impose their own change on that faction/country. So it gets complicated real fast. There are many trees in this forest.

To make my point, I’m going to have to avoid long complicated arguments, with dozens of links to external sources. Everyone here is capable of searching out data points and culling facts to make up their own minds.

So what does the title have to do with anything?

I propose that everything that fits the category of crisis today is either fallout from direct intervention and engineering, or it is designed to mis-direct our attention off the forest onto single trees.

My premise is that since on or about 1938, there has been an undeclared global cold war going on behind the scenes of the global hot wars. Pristine information and knowledge came into the consciousness of specific world leaders, or people who inform the world leaders, which was so shocking it shifted their paradigm dramatically. Enough to cause a mainstream schism across the board in all countries privy to this knowledge. It came in a form they could not deny or ignore.

Now this concept itself has fueled hundreds of great conspiracy theories, as to the source and type of information. Isaac Newton searched and referred to is as prisca sapientia. You could fill several books on the topic. I don’t want to do that here, as it causes you to focus on the trees, many of which are false. If you want to have some fun, just Bing or Google the year 1938, and ignore all information about the machinations of WWII. Look at the idea’s and movement of people.

The main point of prisca sapientia, or pristine knowledge, without going into detail, was eschatological in nature. Undeniable knowledge that the world would end within 100 years. Divisions would arise immediately between theological and philosophical camps within every corner of the globe and government. Each with a specific plan to either delay or control the events according to their set of beliefs.

The N.W.O. gained a tremendous amount of power during this time, as did their counterpart, we often call them the M.I.C. Within each are theological and philosophical divisions.

The plans are the forest we cannot see, because we, as the public, are generally denied this eschatological knowledge. Yet each tree bears specific marks of modification and purpose which points to an attempt to control. I don’t want to overtax this tree metaphor too much, but I live in part of the country where Weyerhauser replants trees in a forest they have harvested to create sustainability. If you have ever walk through both, you understand there is a dramatic difference between a natural forest and one that is engineered.

The engineered one bears the mark of its maker and the intent behind sustainability. As do these current events since 1938.

The engineered HN1 virus, its calculated release in a specific location and ethnic group, the engineered monetary crisis, calculated to shift control and deplete a specific cultural group of economic power, the recent blacking out of spy satellites to maintain control over the flow of information about coming events. Along with dozens of other seemingly unrelated events and actions around the globe all pointing to a long, ongoing global battle for humankind or the resources of man.

Will anybody be saved? Are we worth saving? What would you do if you held a position of power, and knew for certain this planet was doomed?

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