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WAR: Photo's of British soldiers abusing iraqi's may be fakes.

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posted on May, 2 2004 @ 12:18 PM
Photo's showing British soldiers abusing prisoners in Iraq that were published in the tabloid newspaper "The Daily Mirror" this week have come under close scrutiny by photographic experts, the results of this analysis have shown there is a high likelihood the pictures were posed for... Details within.

The photo's depict members of The Queen's Lancashire Regiment urinating on Iraqi prisoners and performing assorted derogatory acts banned by the Geneva convention. However there appear to be indiscretions within the actual photo's that are only seen at closer inspection

"The people that carried out these sickening acts simply have no place in the British Army" stated Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan, he then went on to say "These soldiers felt compelled to expose what went on because they believed it was fundamentally wrong, and that it would inevitably be reported at some stage," when questioned just why these pictures came into his hands. The Daily Mirror continues to strongly defend its position and journalistic integrity.

1. Experts believe that the rifle shown is an SA80 Mk1 which was not issued to troops in Iraq.

2. British soldiers in Iraq wear berets or hard hats - and not floppy hats as show in the photos, this position of berets over armour help gain the trust of the Iraqi public.

3. Experts also believe the wrong type of Bedford truck is shown in the background - a type never deployed in Iraq.

Just who may have manufactured these photo's is not currently being released but sources indicate the possibility of anti-war groups posing for them.

British Foreign secretary Jack Straw stated that a very detailed investigation is taking place by MoD officials and details will be released soon.

posted on May, 2 2004 @ 12:22 PM
Doesn't it seem odd to any of you that if these were legitimate pictures of abuse, the photographers would have had their cameras removed from their person?

It could even be iraqi propaganda?

posted on May, 2 2004 @ 02:00 PM
I also don't think the soldiers would "pose" with their victims. If the photos are fake I think the Daily Mirror should look for good lawyers.

posted on May, 2 2004 @ 07:25 PM
More extensive analysis of the photos:

The rifle: The gun in the photo is an SA80 Mark One which is no longer used because it was prone to malfunction.
All British soldiers currently serving in Iraq were issued with a Mark Two, or A2, version...

...The same sources pointed out that the rifle is also missing a "press to talk" switch on the butt.

The boot: It is traditional for soldiers to tie their laces in a parallel fashion rather than the criss-cross pattern shown in the pictures...

The hat: soldiers in the regiment are only allowed to wear berets or helmets while on duty.
All soldiers in Iraq were issued with the hats; whether soldiers were allowed to wear them was up to the commanding officer of each regiment, but such an item would be among their "desert kit".

The truck: Trucks like the one the photos were taken in had not been deployed in combat zones for years.
The truck also looked to clean to be in service in Iraq.

The victim: Colonel Bob Stewart, who commanded British forces in the Balkans, told the BBC: "The shirt looks like a football shirt. Is that the sort of shirt that a captive might be wearing, slightly silky with an Iraq flag [on it]? Why is it not dirty and dishevelled, why is the man not showing some signs of damage after eight hours of beatings?"

The uniform: They say it's unusual for a soldier to have pockets unbuttoned or webbing undone as ammo or rations can fall out.
"They tell each other off for things like that. It's basic soldierly discipline. Soldiers haven't many responsibilities but they do have total responsibility for their own gear."

The photographs: The photos are too sharp and clear and are black and white.

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