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Educate will make you feel better!

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posted on May, 1 2009 @ 08:35 PM
Long time lurker..first time poster (on this topic).
When I first heard that WHO had raised the alert level to 5 I FREAKED..I have really bad panic disorder (diagnosed). WELL it so happens that my "other" job (I mainly do real-estate) makes me do research for pretty much every disease out there...not good for my paranoia.

This last week I have been crazy obviously...trying to get all updated info on H1M1....and let me tell you guys I was terrified at first going into that I have done alot of research about it I'm not scared anymore.

From researching and knowing alot about this thing I have come to some conclusions...

- NOBODY knows what is going to happen..but in about 2 weeks we should
- This is a new and ever unheard of strain..which even the CDC doesn't have answers for
- the whole WHO pandemic "level" was only created a few years back...this is the first time since then we have had a flu strain that nobody knows about so most likely that is why we are at the level we are at..better safe then sorry.
-practice good hygene..wash your hands!
-get off of HERE and go enjoy life..seriously.

Here are some great links to I said..the more you are informed the better you will feel..I promise. Hugs to you all....N

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 09:33 PM
new Yahoo news article stating the swine flu isnt as bad as we think:

Can we believe it? What about the mexican doctors who are saying its much worse than being reported?

And what about the care theyve taken while around patients, and health workers are still getting sick? No one dresses up like that for a non serious flu. Of course, they didnt know how serious it was at first, but really..the docs down there are the true witnesses. We should listen to what they are saying.


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