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Mount Weather rumors

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posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 01:39 PM
I live about a minute from Mount Weather(Live right pass the Shenandoah River but not after Mount Weather, kind of in between) and I can see the mountain from where I live on a surrounding mountain. I have on many occasions been to the military base because when I was in grade school, my bus would drive all the way up the curvy and dangerous mountain road and back out into the military base to turn around. The guards out front were ALWAYS armed with a strap on rifle and always helped the driver back up and turn around.I remember seeing very metallic and silver shiny buildings such as sheds, along with the multiple armed guards standing out front. (My friend actually lives right on the mountain and we would always have to go up it to pick him up, actually 2 friends I've known live on it currently.)

I've heard quite a bit about the mountain, that it's where they experiment with weather controlling devices since the mountain evaluation is so high(There has been reports of it snowing in July), along with cities miles underground connected to the military bases where they reverse engineer alien aircrafts.

I know for a fact, as do many other people that the mountain is one of the many places(I suppose there are other, more less-known secure spots) where the president and vice-president are secured safely far underground if a nuclear war or national crisis were to happen. Supposedly there is enough water to supply 200 people for several months, along with entire cafeterias and hospitals far underground the base which stretch for miles beneath the surface.

I'm wondering what are some other facts and rumors you've heard about the mountain? I've lived right by it my whole life and have yet to witness an actual UFO or black helicopters.

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