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posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 04:20 PM
Last week I made a video called "HOO" Knew. In it I featured Arlen Specter and his role in the "magic bullet" theory. He was the one that authored it!

Now this week Arlen Specter or Spectre has switched parties. In addition, HOO or WHO or the World Health Organization is ALL OVER THE NEWS!

Does that seem a little lucky or a little prohetic or just one of those little coincidences?

In the video I also talk about the astrological event of Neptune transitting the natal Pluto. Whatever that means, right?

Well.. the last time that happened was the 60s!

ya know... jfKmlKrfK... race riots, civil unrest, Vietnam War...

well according to the stars... that's what is coming in late May and June of this year.

here is the video


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