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NEWS: Police suspect Sharon family took perks from Austrian tycoon

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posted on Apr, 26 2004 @ 02:11 AM
Detectives from the National Fraud Squad have "substantial suspicions" that the family of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon received perks from Austrian tycoon Martin Schlaff. They also claim that there are strong links between Schlaff and Sharon's son, Gilad.

During the court hearing, police also asked the court for permission to view all documents currently being held at the offices of Attorney Avi Altar who is believed to have advised Gilad Sharon on setting up straw companies in the Caribbean along with South Africa-based Cyril Kern.

During a search of Alter's officers, documents apparently linking Schlaff to the Sharon family were discovered.

"I believe that according to what we have seen today, Martin Schlaff is linked to the control or ownership of Gilad Sharon's companies, either directly or indirectly," fraud squad officer Rami Tamam told the court.

Police suspect Sharon family took perks from Austrian tycoon


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