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Movie type dreams

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posted on Apr, 25 2004 @ 10:23 PM
Just wanted to see if any of yall have ever had a dream that resembled a movie.. Like it had a Title screen, theme music, credits etc..

Ive had quite a few.. And I remember the names because they had elaborate title screens lol

1. Spider's Paw: My parents are possessed by apathy, and I chase them around in an action packed shoot-em-up dream trying to make them listen and acknowledge the world again.

2. Earthen Tomb: The surface of the Earth is overtaken by vampires, so we move under an old walmart, and start a new society.. But the world doesnt like it, and so opens "mouths" in these tunnels to eat us.

and a few others that I cant remember/dont care to remember right now.

Most of my dreams are kinda posed in movie format though, like they take advantage of "perspective" and use of lighting... Kinda weird I guess, since I dont watch a ton of movies/TV

Anyways, so what about ya'll?

Oh, this is also to announce that if anyone wants a dream analyzed feel free to U2U me it, and ill try my damndest.

posted on Apr, 26 2004 @ 01:56 AM
Greetings Shidge,

I never have, but I gotta tell you this is the first time I've ever heard about something like this and I have been into dreams forever.

As an amatuer dream interpreter, I might ask you if there is any possibility at all that you have a star complex ? (no offense at all, but just out of curiosity, are you a Leo ?)

I find your post fascinating because in my years of dream research, this is a first. Can you please post some more of your experiences ? I would love to read more about them.


posted on Apr, 26 2004 @ 08:24 PM
No problemo KayEm!

Im not quite sure what you mean by "star complex" but I am normally the center of attention, wether I want to be or not lol.

I dont consider myself of any sort of "movie star" quality, and I dont really have any want to be in films/plays/etc.

One of my friends has said that he had a dream like this once, so maybe its just my age bracket?

Lets see, lets see, more experiences..

My most recent (about 5 days ago) also happens to be my saddest dream ever lol, I woke up with sobbing and the pillow was already wet from all my sleep-crying.. Hope you have the patience to read all this!!!!

Started out with a title page, was underwater with bubbles kinda going up the side of the "screen" (hehe)
I dont quite remember what the words said, I just remember that they were there..

Starts out in a "Gambling Parlor" where this boy (who doesnt appear to be me, but still may be my unconscious rep. of my self) and his mother keep gambling machines for people to use. They are quite poor, until a big spending customer comes in and places a big losing bet.. The boy (lets call him Nick).. Nicks mom asks him what he wants her to do with the money, and he asks to be sent to pre-bootcamp camp. Doesnt really explain why, but just says that he wants to go.

So his mother makes arrangements, and he leaves (he packs nothing) for a house in what appears to be West Texas. To get there, he has to swim to the center of a lake, and then there is a house that once you in it, has tons of land all around it (one of those nonsensical dream things).. So he gets there, and the lady tells him that his room is up with the "brothers".. He goes up to the very top room and opens the door to find two similiar looking guys looking out the window.

Nick walks up the boys, and asks what they are looking at, and they point outside of a mesh covered window to bright ghostie like things walking around in the darkness. All three boys watch the ghosts and they walk around on the camp property, until one of the ghosts see's the boys. Nick and the brothers panic because they know that if the ghost knows they are there, it can come to get them.

They duck down below the window and prepare for the worst. During this time, Nick and one of the brothers kinda become "INSTABESTFRIENDS" and grab each others hand, squeezing in anticipation (nothing sexual here probably, just in case you were gonna point that out hehe).

A big chunk of the dream outlines these two boys (Nick and one of the brothers) becoming the absolute best friends that anyone could ever be. They are always together, swim in the lake everyday, talk about everything, and are so close that its almsot like they are the brothers or maybe even the same person.

So they are going around happily, until the head mistress tells Nick that his mom ran out of money, and so he has to go back home. In the dream, Nick starts crying because he knows that this means he will have to leave behind the best/and probably only friend hes over had behind, and stay at home. He explains to his friend (Lets call him John) and John is deeply saddened too..

So they both swim out, and catch a train to Nicks house, where they quietly wait for his mom to come downstairs to greet him.. They realize that if Nick/John can win at any of the gambling machines, that Nick would be able to stay at the camp!

So they have 6 coins, and each of them takes three.. They play them all, and neither wins anything.. The reality that they will probably never see each other again sinks in, and there are tears aplenty.

So John returns to camp, and Nick (not absolutely crushed) stays with his mom.. Later in the dream, Nick decides that if he joins the navy, like John had planned to do, then maybe he has a chance of being reunited with him.

So Nick goes to do this "Swimming test" once, and fails miserably (the camera angle here is an instructor on a far away boat with binoculars.. so I was looking through binoculars in this part).. He vows to try again, because he cant just give up the best and only friend hes ever had to fate. So he tries a second time, and does better, but still not good enough to get in.. The instructor takes pity on him and suggests that he just stop here, because he'll get hurt if he goes much farther.

Nick doesnt listen, and tries ONE LAST TIME, with all the energy/emotion in his body, he pushes. He blows through the water, leaving all his competitors in his wake. Faster than anyone of the instructors had her seen, he finally got done fast enough to join the Navy..

However, he pushed so hard, that his heart burst a valve, and he was bleeding to death internally.. (there is depressing dramatic music playing at this point).. So they take him to the infirmirary, at which time, John hears of Nicks troubles, and goes to visit him.. Just as Nick is dying, John enters the room, with just enough time to say goodbye and see each other one last time.. Nicks heart ceases to work, and he dies with his only friend he ever had near him, and got to talk to him that one last time.

It went on a little longer, showing what they did witht he body/what happened to John.. Credits rolled (just standard credits) and I woke up feeling sadder than I think I ever have before.. I cant even explain how it made me feel, even though it was a dream that didnt even have me in it lol

Like I said, this was my most recent, and probably one of the more detailed out of all my Movie dreams..

Oh! And sometimes they will play again, the EXACT SAME as they were the first time.. I actually now know one of the songs in "The spiders paw" now lol

Oh, and I think im Scorpio.. Nov. 13.. Dont really know about all that stuff.


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