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Organized Slavery?

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posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 02:12 AM
Illegal Immigration or is it organized Slavery?

This is a subject I know a significant amount about, unlike some of the people arguing for and against the situation we are in the middle of.

So what are the “out and out blatant lies” about the “ILLEGAL ALIEN” and the burden of there presence on the economy or community.

For starters regardless of what you have heard or read in MSN there is NO BENEFITS being paid out to Illegal’s that are reserved for legal Americans. As a matter of fact they the government / employers who knowingly allow them to work are letting them contributing to a system that they know those people have no way of taking anything out of it.

But wait you say …. The press says they are taking money from Americans! How is that possible, the fact is they aren’t! Can’t and in no way are they eligible to request or receive any benefits. Among other things including taking jobs from Americans.

• Illegal aliens apply and receive welfare and assorted benefits, THEY RECEIVE NOTHING!! The children they have here in the country receive benefits because of the law that makes those children American citizens. Those illegals still have a problem of showing at minimum (birth certificate, SS card, Drivers license or a picture ID).
• All those illegals are responsible for identity theft, no one can prove it but it sure sells identity theft products, just like anti-virus software cures all the computer viruses.
• All the crimes are perpetrated by illegal aliens, just like any other stereotype you want to apply to the southern states (family tree’s only have one branch) or the Canadians (Canadians live in igloo’s and they all play hockey! Really good….)
• Illegals are taking American jobs away from Americans, several things are not true about this statement, for one the majority of those jobs were farmed out to overseas companies starting back in 1997 and have steadily climbed due to CEO’s Investors wanting more return, the fact they were cutting off there nose to spite there face (firing there customer base the middle class) is irrelevant, on top of that job losses have declined at a rate far greater than all those illegal’s (some 30 million) depending on who you get the information from, and actually its less than that really because I’m sure all the little kids aren’t working and also because they are now LEGAL AMERICANS.
I’m sure there are a few more out there but the sentiment is the same, blame all the problems on the illegal’s, it has always been a blame game when the politicians get caught with there pants down (literally).

Even Obama has his grandmother here illegally.

Here are some more things for the mix, the economy has been in a downward spiral for the last 12 years based on economic conditions and the rising crime wave in DC and Wall Street, never has so many people been bilked out of there life savings and been lied too in such blatant fashion, leaving the American people with no recourse but to blame an imaginary foe.

Even in the wake of this ridicules bail out, part of the problem is still put on the illegals, how could anyone even for a split second not be angry at the politicians and the ongoing outsourcing of even more jobs, you can’t pickup the paper without reading more jobs being outsourced (even as I write this – I noticed another link for another 22K jobs being sent away by OBAMA).

There are even the obvious things that people don’t pay attention to that should be more proof that immigration is not the problem or even the focus, but it does serve a purpose of distraction when they need it, like using the race card when you need to distract or deflect blame!!

NO border control.
NO immigration reform.
IRS collects taxes from illegals knowing they shouldn’t be! Yet does nothing to inform anyone they are working illegally.
State and Federal agencies have collected Taxes when paid and said NOTHING.
SSI has collected taxes from duplicate SSI numbers for years and SAID / DONE nothing….

The list goes on ….. no one Cared because they aren’t taking anything from the system, instead they were propping up the system since those paying illegally had no option to claim any of it.

Not until the past couple of years have the matter of immigration really came out as a problem???? And the not so funny thing is that those illegals are going home and the donations they were making in regards to taxes etc … are not going to the State/Federal coffers anymore, adding to even more revenue losses.

If you kicked / deported all of the illegals out of the country today, you would find yourself in exactly the same if not worse condition you had before they were kicked out!

You would then look around for something else to blame your problems on and until you wake up and look at the cause and not the affect you will always stay a slave to the puppeteers…… you see and say what they want you too.

[edit on 29-4-2009 by svpwizard]

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