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Government doesn't work.

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posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 11:59 PM
All government is just is a thieving band of criminals wanting you to do things at the hand of a state. They brainwash you when you're in schools... and they tell you that the government takes your money from you in order for the better of the state. But we know throughout history that these things can just be as easily provided from the common person rather than the government itself. The government is an evil entity. No matter who rules it-- it is just there to impose its power on the will of the people. It prevents competition. It makes evil deals with other nations. When people talk of a government of a nation they talk of the government that was elected by the people of that nation. People have no idea of what the government actually does.

The people in the government just tell you on and on about their stupid accomplishments and when they haven't been making any progress they distract you with side issues like whether we should keep gay people from marrying or right wing people are terrorists or not. All of this is a distraction. These elitests know what they're doing... they're idiots... we don't need them. We don't need a centralized form of government. We don't need government... we are then lead when we come to this conclusion that somehow we are incapable of ruling... every one of us is just as capable as the founding fathers were when they created their ideal government. Their ideal government sadly failed. We must either choose between two alternatives-- volunteerism-- where everyone would get a say... I opt for a more anarchistic direct democracy... I've been becoming more and more anarchist ever since I started paying attention to politics and I just think that anarchists are right... our government is smart-- but they do all that they're doing at the expense of our nation. They then go on to tell us we're the greatest nation in the world... they do this to inspire nationalism in us...

Politicians don't care about any country they're in office. They say they're helping us... but we don't see how we could be doing all of this ourselves and we already are and we don't see how they're using our tax dollars to pay for all of this-- so they're stealing our money to do something which we could do something ourselves.

I think that a central government doesn't work and that governments need to be completely decentralized among people themselves... we do not need an elite group of educated people who are hellbent on destroying the country telling us what to do.

I am sick of this nonsense. Our founding fathers made a mistake when they gave all the power of the government to the central government.

posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 03:03 AM
The Constitution was a mistake for sure and was only partially rectified by the Bill of Rights. Only some of the Bill of Rights was accepted. However, the constitution did not create a strong central government, the media, greed and leverage against representatives has created the false illusion of a strong central government. Basically, people will always be under attack in this world. It is the nature of things here. Attacks are coming from all directions including from subtler regions and the mind itself. "Government" implies the need of people to be governed by some other entity than themselves. It seems to me at the core, what we would benefit by the most, is some minor clarification of law and individual rights. The right of the individual not to be taxed either in their person or property seems to be one of the areas needing clear elucidation. This would go a long way to ending debt slavery. High import duties is an aspect of society that is also missing. If foreign goods where property taxed to force the costs above what people would pay for the same goods locally, ie all foreign goods where treated as luxury items then strong local economies would result. Taxing all corporation or group enterprises is a good thing. This encourages the individual to run their own business as the individual would not be taxable. This will discourage hidden ownership. Basically taxing the corporation should have the same effect has import duties. It should help level the playing field between individual enterprise and gang enterprise. However, the bottom line is that most of what has happened has been done by treason of the individual not having the strength of character to say no to wrong above their own selfish interests. Sometimes that is a conscious decision but a lot of times it is really buying into to lies and not thinking clearly. The entire legal system is a scam knowingly participated in by courts and local governments everywhere. Such blatant deceit by ordinary individuals against their fellow man is really very shocking.

posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 03:07 AM
reply to post by Frankidealist35

You are so right - these are richer and more powerful people.

It is a shame that people do not actually care about each other, including the government.

posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 03:15 AM
lol this is nothing new, this has been happening for ages. we were warned by presidents by people in power that there is a force behind it all taking everything from us etc. warned us about the fed.. aka banking agencies and all that good stuff.

to make the picture a bit more clear it is not just our government. i don't know if you are aware of ww2 history but germany was mislead, taken control over then once in the right position they started assinating the rest of the government people who refused and were against hitler's agenda. then we get to britain and france giving over territory to the germans. little by little they gain power n territory and figured hey what the heck lets get poland. no one helped them, everyone claims to want freedom n peace in this world and for everyone etc etc bs bs. same goes with the genocide in darfur and the rest of the bs going on in this world at the moment.

even in all this everyone sits back sure there's a protest here or there once in awhile. its not going to do anything because like i said before about them, this is like a game of chess for them. every piece they move they already have backups in place setups in case that piece is taken down or surrounded etc... basically they throw things at us when they have fallback plans or even to lead the people into a direction they want them to. such as aggression.. rioting.. anger... hate... or use the same old tactic that has worked on humanity since beginning of time... religion. the usual good and evil tactic lol i still dont get how they still get people to walk right into that one but hey they know what there doing.

as for our founding fathers giving them all the power im not to sure about that... it seems like there breaking the constitution down little by little for a reason. to break down the walls that keeps them from doing what they have been trying to do for ages. the government was for the people of the people etc etc etc but as you can see that idea has been wiped off the face of this planet long ago.

yeah we have been brain washed since our birth basically its so built in everyone its almost impossible to escape which is sad. the potential this world has is being limited by them... we could be so much more... so advanced that we would make ourselves now in this moment look like the stone age. if we focused on making our world better and focused on moving forward instead of spending trillions of dollars on false wars. on useless and sometimes "unknown" things.. (yes i say unknown because our money sometimes "dissapears" and they do not know where it went) funny stuff.

we would have cures for every disease, we would have unlimited energy.unlimited imagination and yes i say imagination because that's where it begins also... they put limits our on imagination as well i would explain how for some who don't know or understand what i'm saying. but i don't want to make this any longer then it already is lol anyways.. imagination is the beginning step of all this as i'm sure all of you know.. everything around you someone has imagined it and created it. the buildings, drawings, books... etc etc you get the picture. they have dumbed down society all across this world... we are so far behind, so far from what we have naturally been and were suppose to be.

can you imagine a world with unlimited energy? clean water? all across the globe? a world without famine? without genocide? a world where you probably wouldn't even have to work because food would be so abundant water and power free and clean for everyone? the only reason you would work is because its something you love and want to do, something that gives you true pleasure, not something you do because it makes more money then the thing that actually makes you happy. can you imagine being happy?

i know it all seems like a dream something we could never achieve etc.. but its not and it never was... it was our evolution. it is possible.

but look where we ended up... truly sad.

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