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Lampung residents told not to panic as Mt. Anak Krakatau spews ash

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posted on Apr, 23 2009 @ 02:33 PM
These volcanoes, alongside the dozens of others which have become very active the last few years, and now are even more active are a clear sign that ther eis an increase in volcano, and magmatic activity, despite some people in this forum claiming the contrary despite the evidence.

Oyos Saroso H.N. and Yuli Tri Suwarni , The Jakarta Post , Bandarlampung/Bandung | Tue, 04/21/2009 10:21 AM | Headlines

Coastal residents living close to Mount Anak Krakatau, off the Sunda Strait in Lampung, have evacuated to Bandarlampung out of fear of an imminent eruption of the volcano due to increased volcanic activity, despite the fact that its alert status remains at two, our of four.

Sonhaji, 45, a resident of Bawang village, Punduh Pidada district in South Lampung, said he took his family to his relative’s house in Bandarlampung on April 18, as he was afraid Mount Anak Krakatau would have a major eruption, as it has been producing small eruptions over the past week.

“The distance between our village and Anak Krakatau is more than three miles, but the sound of eruption that it produces is very loud, like the sound of a cannon in the middle of the sea,” he said.

“So far it has never emitted such loud blasts and we have been observing that it has often discharged molten lava.”

Sonhaji said fishermen had been afraid to fish around the volcano and the Sunda Strait over the past week.

Residents in Punduh Pidada say they have not heard eruptions as huge as those over the past week since Anak Krakatau was classified as active.

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