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Hard hiting workout music

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posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 12:15 AM
I do a fair amount of weight training. I'm looking for more tunes to add to my workout mix. I like a mixed bag of music. Rock/Rap/Heavy I can listen to a lot of things, but this is a high intensity workout mix I'm working on.

I have a good mix so far. But I want to expand on it, to keep me from having to repeat songs too often.

I'm in the gym lifting heavy weights, so I want something that inspires power, and force.

I like some of the Linkin Park tunes, Disturbed tunes, like "Sickness," LL Cool J tunes, like "I'm Bad," Filter, "Nice Shot Man." Eminem tunes are good too. I do like the Audioslave stuff, like off the first album. Their later albums, just don't have the power that the first album did. The HHH theme song by Motor Head, just doesn't get old. (the original "Play the game" song) Staind, their more recent stuff is good.

So, this isn't "Sweatin' to the Oldies" by any means.

I'm not into the totally crazy stuff that some of the bands put out. Insane screaming into the mic, with no musical skill, doesn't do anything for me. It's got to have a real beat that inspires "action."

I'm a little out of the loop as far as new bands. Thanks ahead of time for any suggestions.


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