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Major Hacking attacks underway

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posted on Apr, 4 2009 @ 02:56 PM

Our Appealing Recently, European countries and other countries started a chivvy and accusation campaign against Turkey and Islam.
We, as Ayyildiz-Team, see this situation as a reason to use our answer right against these accusations.
Therefore, we declared War especially against European countries, but against other countries too, which supported this campaign.

Now this is coming from recently defaced


Here is some of the text they put on the defacement.
Read right, what will we do:

* The government websites will be inaccessible an all lawsuits will be manipulated

* We will infiltrate the server of inland revenues for the manipulation of the data which are there.

* At the same time we will insist into the server of banks and will care for chaos

* Websites of the press will be extinguished.

* If the offence of our prophet (s.a.v.) called your press freedom, we will show you this press freedom

* Websites of divers’ shops will be hacked. Databank information’s and the dates which are there, for example credit card dates, will be policed in this page. (Don’t worry, we wouldn’t taste one cent of your moneys, we aren’t thieves like you. However we don’t take care of what happens, if other hackers see this dates and empty your account)

Every country will take billion high damages, which we will dedicate, the PKK victims.

We swear that if this mission brings the death, it won’t hold us.


Its a massive statement they make and contains about 3 times the info quoted above.

I wondered if this could be some of the reasons behind the conficker and other Internet Scares recently?

Kaspersky(a leading anti-virus software and Internet Security software provider):

Avast security anti-virus.

all these to recently :-

paramount pictures
mazda motors
kia motors
audi motors
ford motors
kuhmo tires
borland software

there are about 20 new .gov attacks a day for the last few months and a few this week if your prepared to goto the defacement archives.

Im sure this is the last thing we need right now, or is it? Could the *higherups* use it as a reason to confuse the whole system to the point of wiping it all out and started from scratch?

posted on Apr, 4 2009 @ 03:06 PM
Here is another snippet of the hacker groups text (as i said teh full reading is on the dodgy links)

The text is asis and those links are there in the original. Follow them with great warning. They are not to be trusted of course.

O Vicious peoples;
Have you ever sought that with being in Turkey?
If not, come!
Documents, refutations are here,
Constructions testifying the truth are here, mosques are here,
Slaughtered Turk people’s graves are here!
As you cannot admit these truths, The Truth:

With official documents are here.

France, your Algerian genocide is also here.

Germany, your Holocaust is also here as one of the biggest.

Greeks, the genocide above our congener of the Turkish Republic of North of Cypriot is also here.

Belgium, your recent genocide of Rwanda and Congo is also here.

Italy, remember what genocide you made in Libya, Ethiopia and Yugoslavia.

Denmark, don’t forget what you made for the German refugees during the 2nd World War.

Spain, your inquisitions and your genocide above the red skin are also present.

England, remember your ruse of introducing catching diseases in the Aborigines and indigenes population in Australia.

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