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Destruction of Challenger 1986 and russians secret weapons...

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posted on Feb, 3 2003 @ 10:16 AM
I just come from a website about TESLA -EMP- secret russians weapons : Here is a short extract :
I give non conclusions! I just try to analisys datas and
facts :

"Destruction of Challenger, January 1986 :

As the whole world knows it, the Challenger shuttle was launched from Cape Canaveral to Florida after exposure to unfavourable climatic conditions, and exploded disastrously little after takeoff.
The obviousness seems to indicate that, whereas the vehicle was rising in difficult condition, an end of its right booster rocket broke, was projected against the principal tank causing its rupture, a significant leakage of fuel, and a catastrophic explosion.

Several other anomalies exists still however, and it is clear that a problem existed with at least one of the joints of booster rocket. The seven astronauts on board flight all were killed in the violent destruction of the vehicle. Of course no-one had not become aware that the Soviets had already tested a ballistic anti-missile system in phase of launching (LPABM) against three of our preceding launchings of shuttles (cf: SOURCE). These "shootings with white" used a "time-offset deliberately" to shift the explosive emergence of electromagnetic energy in a place located on the trajectory of the shuttle which had just taken off.
The shootings of the shifted tests had as as result a great "boom" with the top of the site of launching after the shuttle left intact the zone, but the shuttles themselves did not destroy.
For example, the boom of the shifted shooting took place 12 minutes after launching at the evening of

November 26, 1985.

A tracing beam (great light in the sky) was even used on this launching little after takeoff. The tracing beam was photographed. Moreover another photograph taken of a sequence another sudden flash of light shows, descendant and finishing in an explosion of light. It was probably a test moved spatially of the "mode pulsated" for the destruction of the shuttle. Luminous "explosion" had to be detected in Soviet Union and located compared to its intentionally moved position.
However, another mechanism was used to cause the destruction of the shuttle itself.

January 1, 1986;

the presence of a signal reducing the resistance of metals, added on emissions EM scalars of Soviet systems LPABM, was detected by Frank Golden very surprised. It checked itself in experiments at this time, the capacity of the signal detected to reduce the resistance of metals. Golden delicious also cancelled locally the action of scalar signal EM in a rather conclusive test by establishing that there existed and what it was.

The signal had been apparently repared to be used against one launched of shuttle imminent. Right before launched shuttle in at the end of January 1986, Soviet had achieved a significant climatic handling on the U.S.A. The Jet Stream had been severely diverted towards the south in the medium of the United States, being still diverted towards the line to cross the "panhandle" of Florida.

Cold air from Canada was aspired very low, in Florida on the site of Challenger on his launching sites. This exposure to the cold in on this side its limits tested, was probably an additional factor which contributed to the catastroph of Challenger.
Positive signatures of the modification of the climate and handling of the Jet Stream by the Soviets were observed and photographed by several people, particularly in Alabama and California...

January 28, 1986,
The system of Soviet scalar weapon EM was suddenly localised in the zone of launching. The localization implied that higher frequencies were present; those HF are absolutely painful for the small brains such as those of the birds, whose hemispheres function like a detector and a scalar interferometer.

Like that was commented on by the presenters of national information, abnormously birds did not fly this morning. Instead of that, they remained on the ground or avoided the zone..."

More infos about Emp-secret russians weapons : (sorry, it's in french)


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