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2009-2014 my predictions

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posted on Apr, 3 2009 @ 07:08 AM

Summer 2009 (June-September)

(list of price rises)

1. Broadband Companies - mostly uk, are going to increase monthly payments on all broadband services bt broadband will be around £38 a month.

2. Petrol price increases some more, riots in london kick off due to price increase war.

3. Cigarettes prices increase and tabacco removes the "smoking kills" label towards the end of 2009, a talk show will discuss the removal of the label and causes a debate and a little row.

4. Sky Digital and Virgin Media team up to come out with a new service together problem is it could be very expensive but its on a monthly payment, it will be a television service where we can also access the internet and have its own hard drive storage space and also to play games created by sky and virgin media. This will be announced in summer 2009.

5. Nintendo announces a new console in development the title will be called (HubComLight) lol, the hub will be like a internet access wireless hub inside, and the com will be for computer storage and communincation and light well we all know what light means the title hub com light will be the next nintendo game console where it will be like a computer and you can download and install software and watch dvds it will be interactive the announcement will take place between october-december 2009 but of course it will be very expensive nothing is cheap.

(internet, websites, and other media) 2010

1. Google changes its look, the new google will have more added features and the website itself will have a complete new "wow factor" look, and once feature will be that it will be open source and whoever is logged into google the ip addressed will be shown on the main page in a little box and witht he account name next to the ip address this feature will also allow you to click on the ip address and to see what searches the user has been searching.

2. Yahoo sells its website to google, google and yahoo become more and more interactive together.

3. Movies remakes are coming back and hollywood changes the way they film and announces in 2010 of a new change in movies coming soon, cinemas all over the world get a new make over starting from 2012-2013 cinema screens will be glass, and movies will become more and more interactive the announcements of the hollywood change will announced in 2010.


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