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The Spoon expiermet version color!!!

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posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 08:09 AM
hello gents,

I am going to conduct the spoon experiment again. This time with a few modifications. To recap for thoes who are not aware of this experiment; a few days back i conducted a small expierment whereby i asked members of ATS to channel their thoughts, and move a spoon in my kitchen (located in dubai). I believe the post was not taken seriously, apart from a few that were serious. So i want to try this again, but with a few new alteration:

1) There will be a live feed on the spoon
2) The experiment will start on April 21 st (time will be posted later on)
3) There will be a counter on the web site (which is being built into the web site that will host this experiment) that will last for 5 min. During this 5min, all thoughts should be channeled on this spoon.

4)There will be a small graphic (of a red square) that will positioned on the hilt end of the spoon (this is where i am asking the viewers to focus their thoughts)

5)if anyone has any further suggestions , please post em up.

Please if you want to particpate do so with good intentions (this is all i ask for), and do not post silly remarks (like in the previous post). Also share this with others who might be willing to particpate. You never know what might happen; and its just 5 min of your time.


ps i am not creazy !!! but i believe in this project


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