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Don't kill the Bush

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posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 01:27 PM
Some guy I barely know is talking about some people (vauge) who are going to kill the entire Bush family-He states it and repeat states it, as if it is really going to happen, or like he knows something of an inside joke on it. He says it like he has real information. But at the same time-doesn't state any specifics.

And he laughs, like it is funny.

What the?

I don't need this. The worst part is, because it is vauge and I have a brain traumat (well like, 12)-I don't know how to frame it to the police, because I am thinking forward to when this guy, to further his conspiracy by making himself look the victim, claims I over reacted to simple statements.

If I don't-and it happens.
If I do and the dispatcher treats me like *** because I can't frame sentences clearly.

I wish people would stop confessing to me. It is as if they know that if they say it to me, know one will ever find out.

And with 3 confessions per week for 30 years from total strangers--I can't keep up!

What the *** am I wearing a sign???

I'm not even a priest (daughter of 3 or 5-does that count for confession-ability)

It's like the freaking twilight zone!!!!!

Yeah, I'll call it in. I just can't say when because I am so *** *** slow.


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