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Contactees/abductees: Have you seen similar alien?

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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 10:25 PM
Hello! I would like to know if any who has been abducted/contacted by aliens, have seen the same looking being that I saw. Also if anyone has experienced anything similar, I would like to hear. I'm interested to find someone who has seen same looking being because I would like to know more about it...I have been thinking if the alien I experienced was benevolent? What do you think when reading my experience?

Here is the picture of being that I saw on my vision.

Here's my vision

Last summer I filmed sky above the nearby houses and got white little pinkish capsule like object hardly visible. I took about 5 pictures of the sky and the object had moved a little bit forward in the each picture, and in the last picture it has lifted it's 'nose' a little bit. So I don't think it can be a bug or bird...and I didn't see anything while I took it.

Maybe this sounds crazy but I have a feeling that these things in the sky might have been observing when trying to take photos of ufos...

Here goes the alien vision experience. After I started taking photos of these unseen things last summer, I once was just got into bed, had closed my eyes, wasn't tired, definately awake. I remember I was not thinking anything particular at the moment, but suddenly I got an image of an alien face in my head/mind. The 'mental image' was different than those usual images people may got into their heads while laying on the bed waiting for the sleep. The face I had a very real feeling in it. It was surprisingly detailed, but lasted only couple of seconds. It was like a face of alien on a dark room with cadle light litting its face... I could see the 3D texture of its that vision had a very real feeling in it.

I just don't get how that alien face popped into my mind, without me being conciously thinking of anything...not ordinary things...not aliens...ufos...anything. I now remember how odd it really felt, sudden pop-up...nothing like usual mind images...when you know that they come from your own mind.

I can't tell the colour of the face, it was just like without any particular colour. I remember that the face looked little like the face of these 'grey' aliens. I really didn't see properly its whole head, only midle part of the face around its eyes, but I think it had a tall forehead, so its eyes were middle part of the face. I believe it had a narrow chin. The eyes were bigger than human eyes, almond shaped, and they were little squinted.
I remember there were many wrinkles and lines around the eyes, and the eyes weren't as scary and captivating looking as you usually see images of the eyes of greys.

One markable thing of the alien face I remeber is the lines that went from its inner corner of the eyes to its cheeks. The vision of the face wasn't moving. I've been thinking maybe it was just my mind creating it...but that suddenly pop-up makes me wonder when I really was in the situation not thinking of aliens or anything else.

I must add I've always wanted to see ufos...and seeing a real benevolent alien had been a fascinating thought.

I had never before seen the same looking alien what I saw. I searched the net and was very surprised that I found a drawing of an alien face that resemblaces what I saw.

It's the brown faced alien on the drawings.

That alien face vision was so sudden flash that I didn't really got scared. I've been thinking if it was a real alien, was it a good being trying to make a contact/ an appearance...or was it trying to abduct??

btw, my english isn't good as it is not my native language.

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 10:58 PM
I really don't know whats in your sky pictures and well, I don't think you should let this worry you. If it happens again then perhaps it is worth looking into. I noticed too that your drawing had no ears or nose, how sure are you that the face didn't have these features?

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 11:31 PM
Yeah,, it doesn't worry me really...I'm just so interested about this subject...and I'm keen to find the truth about this alien/ufo subject...and of course I would like to believe that there are benevolent beings other than those usually reported human-looking aliens...kinda boring...If I say =) so I just so want to believe that this alien might have been benevolent, and just made a appearance because I've always hoped to see something...ufos etc...

I would say that it looked old and wise, but I don't know...maybe it was because of those wrinkles on its face and squinted eyes like sleepy cat...but it didn't look like whole emotionless like those Greys with piercing eyes. I would have maybe freaked out if I saw those huge black eyes that are usually described.... That vision was only a I didn't get a good look of the whole face. It also felt like the vision was very close...because I saw the face as in a real size I was like a real visual sight what you see on your eyes. It felt like I saw it visually and at same time mentally.

It left me a feeling that the face might have been long and the being had a bigger and taller forehead than humans have, and that the chin was sharp/thin.
I only saw the middle part of the face properly, and the heavy wrinkles were the thing that really was very noticiable of it and the lines of its cheeks...I don't know about its nose or ears...but I think I would have seen If the nose was other than very flat.

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