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If contact has been made...

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posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 07:55 PM
As the heading suggests, if contact has been made...

Why hide it?

There have been numerous threads here on ATS suggesting that governments such as the U.S have made contact with ET’s and have brokered a deal in which they are presumably working together for both secrecy and some other unknown motives.


Firstly – Mass Hysteria, fine I can somehow understand where this may be applicable in deterring any form of ET disclosure especially concerning MSR (Main Stream Religion) and its followers. I am by no means a Bible scholar, yet I do believe there to be no mention of ET’s and other universal Godly creations in the Good Book. To my understanding, MSR concludes that God stopped short on creation after life on Earth…

Is that it…? Not just from a Religious standpoint but of the “implied” catastrophic reaction from the people of Earth from dealing with the discovery of life elsewhere in the Universe…?

There must be more to it…

Is it technology and the unmanageable advancements it may bring any Nation unwilling to share such a splendor lest it fall into the “wrong hands” and perhaps used solely for unprecedented militarized purposes, Cold War anyone…?

That in it’s self may have some element of truth but are ET’s that benevolent that folly that they travel light years to another planet only to trade their big shiny guns…?

My take?

If Governments around the world are working closely with life from afar, I can only conclude, as a Human being I might add that perhaps we Humans and Earth the planet we call home may possess something of great value to ET’s. Be it anatomical research, or Earthly elements such as water, or minerals like gold etc that the ET’s either completely lack or may require more of as the final ingredient required for some form of advancement they are striving to achieve.

Spice this up with Government leader’s seeing this as an opportunity for National advancement via an Astro Trade agreement of sorts and you may just have yourself an underground or above
alliance between the leaders of the “free” world and those from afar.

Whichever the motive, be it advancement and protection of a nations “people” or simply some other selfish agenda, IMO this is perhaps the most “logical” reason I could fathom such secrecy from the general populace regarding Life from afar…

We, are Human after all…

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 11:59 PM
If you are really looking for intelligent conversation about alien contact, this is absolutely the worst forum to discuss it on. If these folk disagree with you they simply erase your ideas with "off topic" or if you try to start a thread about aliens, they send it to "below top secret". Alien contact has happened numerous times and has been documented, see my video on this thread......actually you can't, they moved it. I really came to ATS to discuss aliens but this clique does not allow that. It is my opinion that aliens have taken over this forum much the same as they have all the world governments, possess the head and you rule the body. I seriously recommend the gray area or the skunk works.

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 12:30 AM
reply to post by debris765nju

I greatly appreciate your reply. Yes, I do wish to have an intelligent conversation on ET's. Being new to ATS I am a little un-educated as to the correct placement of such threads... Seems like you may have found out the hard way, tis’ a shame though, as you sound sincere.

Mods if you must, can you re-direct this thread to where you see fit.

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 12:53 AM
There are basically 2 theories about contact being made:

1. they crashed, are vulnerable, and we captured (i.e., stole) their technology to exploit it for ouselves to the exclusion of others; or,

2. they made audio/visual contact, landed and made physical contact, and want to "lead us along" to better technology for mutual benefit.

And, a third: no contact being made.

Until someone produces irrefutable evidence, there is no proof of 1 or 2.
(anecdotes, statements, blurry photos/videos are NOT irrefutable evidence)

p.s.: Please do not confuse UFOs with alien contact; they are mutually exclusive.

edit: added postscript, should've proofread, but it's late.

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posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 03:12 AM

Originally posted by 7even
As the heading suggests, if contact has been made...

Why hide it?

The motivations for secrecy, whether covering-up UFOs or alien contact, are likely the same. There's a thread discussing the secrecy surrounding UFOs here. I've since compiled the results and made them available online.

If you have other theories that aren't on the list please visit the original thread and post them. The more ideas the merrier

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