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Out of body experience or just a weird dream?

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posted on Mar, 24 2009 @ 11:12 AM
I wasn’t sure where to post this, So I’ll post it here and it can be moved if need be.

I had last night what I’m positive was an “out of body experience”. I had trouble falling asleep, or thought I did.

When I decided to get up it was completely Dark/Black. I realized I wasn’t in my body but something/one else’s. It seemed to be an animal of some kind and was aware of my presence but, there was no kind of intelligent thought. It had just awoke and all I could feel was emotions. Hunger, anger and the urge to mate seemed to be the only things that consumed its thought.

Upon thinking about this morning I realized we were in some kind of subterranean system. I’ll continue with my experience. I’ll be referring to the subject, animal, being however you’d prefer, as “we” and “our” as I am part of this event, not a participant just an observer.

“We” had woken up a shape of a tunnel and what appear to be rocks start to form in our mind. Then sudden curiosity (directed towards my presence is my guess) the curiosity fades as quickly as it set on. “We” must eat. Other shapes start to appear and move about. “We” must eat. “We” begin to move through the tunnel. (I think it was going to the water source I also sensed thirst but not as strong) “We” found a female. A fight for the female ensues. Biting, Clawing and … eating I think “We” were eating our adversary and he us as “We” were fighting for the female. The smell of blood fills the air and others are coming to fight and feed. A bright light flashes through our mind.

Then I woke up sweating, I could smell all the smells “We” had smelled. The images were so vivid and the still are. The being was thin humanoid, no nose they had no vision. They clicked their tongue to navigate; I guess they listen for echoes? And when they went in combat they screeched I guess you could say.

So do you think this was an out of body experience, or just a really weird dream?

posted on Mar, 24 2009 @ 05:22 PM
Sounds like both! You realized it was not you and you were observing this creature. You were observing the primal nature within all humans. On a basic level that is how we all operate. Survival, food, water, and sex. You were experiencing what we experience when we are born into this world. Only with spiritual evolution do we move up the latter. Have you been moving up the latter lately? Or did you just need a reminder of the basics?

As for an OBE, I tend to get full body vibrations and high frequency sounds, do you remember feeling anything like that?

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