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Gothic Vampier group?

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posted on Apr, 18 2004 @ 08:11 PM
I live in melbourne australia and i have had various friends come and talk to me about a dream or people coming up to them (girls) and telling them they have been choosen and must accept there destiny's, or something like that. I have had 1 friend tell me this happend in a dream several times and was freaked out by the whole thing. Another was confronted

the link between the two is they both had a key necklace around there neck and the one in the dream had a tatto or a almost warped key on his arm....
They are apparently a vampire or old gothic group with there name referring to a key?

Any infomation is appreciated thank you

posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 02:01 AM
I don't know about anyone else but I'd be interested in hearing more.

I don't know that I believe the premise, but I did have a couple of intense vampire dreams while visiting Australia so my curiosity is up, though the dreams did not occur in Melbourne.

I liked Melbourne though, first place I ever had Laksa, man that's good stuff.

The only other vampire dream I can recall happened about seven years ago, but it was right after I had read John Steakly's book, "Vampires" which explains that.

The Vampire dreams I had in Bruce near the outskirts of the Flinders was very intense and they certainly weren't inviting me to join anything.


They seemed rather pissed actually, don't know why.

posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 10:30 PM
The 'Ventrue' clan of vampires from the 'Masquerade' RPG have a symbol that could be considered 'Key like'. Its actually a sceptre.

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