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Quiet preparations to confiscate all U.S. paper money underway (Video)

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posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 10:53 PM
Hello ATS,

A friend of mine on another site recently posted a set of video logs where she is discussing the monetary situation in the United States, in her state of Florida, and how all of this mess fits together in the months to come. She speaks with a bank representative in the videos, explains what that person meant by a few things, and generally just did an excellent job at informing of the impending doom.

She's claiming that ATM's won't allow her to withdrawl any money despite having a $1200 balance with her bank. She's used her actual bank's ATM as well as some other ones. She also claims to be having problems with some of her checks being accepted at various businesses and stores, the whole thing is kinda freaky if you ask me. Now I know what you're probably thinking, the lady doesn't have what she thinks is in there, or that her checks were defective from the get-go and have an error on them preventing them from working in a "check machine" (Tele-check), etc. But she checked on it and her checks are not defective, and she claims to be able to use them at businesses without a Tele-check machine, but not elsewhere. She made no mention of trying to use it on the internet. She even said what kind of bank, she says it in the first or second video.

She sums up by going into a presentation of her opinions and information to warn the viewer about what she believes is coming to fruition as we speak. She has reason to believe that the "Feds", Federal Reserve, or some other arm of the standing U.S. Government or the sitting secret U.S. Government that pulls all the real strings is the culprit, if we are to believe a single so called whistleblower out of the bunch. This is a sidenote but, every single supposed whistleblower who was involved in working with or being subjected to strange, bizarre, or sci-fi style Government always says that there's a secret or "shadow" Government behind the elected one. As skeptical as I or someone else may be, thats pretty hard to deny, considering how much other portions of the subject matter that the same popular conspiracy theorists cover that does get discussed thoroughly.

Without anymore yapping from me, here's the video! It's 5 parts.





If you found this informative, please reply and flag, thanks.

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posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 10:57 PM
so i guess i wont be able to join "moola" then, huh? shamelss i say. SHENNANIGANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 11:04 PM
Bad zoom-in on the first video. Very bad.

I didn't watch them all so I do not know what to say. Geraldo is declaring martial law in Mexico (well, he isn't but his mustache could), but then again someone said "almost" on that story and could not confirm myself so now I am confused. Interesting times indeed.

I only keep a few hundred in the ole' bank account anyway, I have been doing that since last summer.

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posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 11:06 PM
eh, moola is fake money anyways really. I mean, the pennies and nickels that you win here and there don't go into your bank, moola keeps it. They'll only send you the money via mail or via paypal when your moola balance is $10+ dollars. i have been playing for an entire year, although not all that often, and only have $7 so far. granted, if you purchase something from an internet website store that is affiliated with moola by using moola's link provided, you will get a percentage of the total cost of the item(s) purchased in your moola account. It's all free and there's no reason not to tell people about it in my sig, I surely am not making anything off of it. For your information, in a years' time, I've only made twelve cents from referral, 12 cents!

Hey! Look! There's an elf running about, go smash him before he gets away!

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 11:11 PM

Originally posted by pluckynoonez
Bad zoom-in on the first video. Very bad.

Well plucky, you try making videos while you're driving a car without getting into an accident, as that is what she sounds to be doing. The important part is the words, you could hit play and turn the darn monitor off if you want to, so long as you get the message.

I'm starting to regret posting this, I thought people would be glad I gave them some advance warning from the streets themself, but yall would rather nit-pick at the camera angles and what not. Welll ... i tried, if people decide not to listen, then that is their fault and they'll end up unprepared.

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 11:11 PM
The thing with some people's debit cards not working has nothing to do with the economy or banking situation.
Something happened at the manufacturer for the cards and the security was breached.
Now all of those customers have to have their cards replaced with new secure cards.

And no, I am not a disinfo agent.

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 11:18 PM
ok ill take back the shennanigans. but id like to revoke the license of whoever is making videos while driving. people cant even talk on the phone and drive. i hope she gets caught for it and getsa huge damn fine. craziness.

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 11:36 PM
I have a small bank a credit union, my dad and sister bank with suntrust in central florida... Neither my family nor myself have had problems with withdrawing money or acceptance of our debit/visa card in the last 3 days. Has anyone else on ATS had problems with withdrawal or check acceptance? Otherwise I would say she has some issue unrelated to the current economic crisis!

My opinion for what it is worth!

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 11:41 PM
reply to post by runetang

Hey, sorry, everyone is a movie critic (some more than others).

Is your point of bringing us this that this event may be exclusive to some part of Florida, ignored by MSM, and soon to be wildfire?

'Tis possible, I say.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 12:50 AM

Originally posted by kupoliveson
Has anyone else on ATS had problems with withdrawal or check acceptance?

I'm on the west coast and have had issues. Bank of America is my bank as well as Arizona Federal Credit Union. I can confirm that my AZFCU account was not allowing me to process anything with my debit card whenever I tried to purchase despite there being well over 2k in the account. It did let me withdraw, but only up to 100 bucks, normally it is a 500 limit.

I haven't tried to purchase anything with my BofA card because I had issues and emptied my account before trying. The Bank of America card would not allow me to withdraw more than 60 bucks per day despite having 2500+ in the account. I tried at 3 different ATM locations to withdraw 100 but was declined. I went to the local branch and was only able to withdraw 60 at the BofA ATM outside my branch. I promptly marched inside and withdrew all the money from my account.

It was weird, the tellers looked at me like I was robbing the bank when they asked how they could help me and I said that I have been unable to access my money and wondered if there was a hold on my account for any reason. They called over a manager who reviewed everything and said there was no hold. I said I'd like to withdraw almost all my money and they had to get permission from the manager, process the withdrawal, and put in the branch manager's authorization to pull my money out. It struck me as odd, but maybe it was because I was pulling out 2500 bucks in cash.

I don't use checks, so no info on those.

ADD: Maybe they're just rolling out those Red and Blue Lists.

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posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 08:38 AM
interesting, as i have had weekends where the ATM went down and bank was closed......

is this isolated? she does mention her friend in michigan who also could not withdraw cash

seriously, considering the amount of people who need cash and if all of them cannot withdraw, this would be noticed by many, duh...

but, is this just like here and there, system glitches perhaps?

even if it is getting to the point where tptb are confiscating cash, how come there are no people complaining? ok, i do admit, these videos do have some highlights, but mostly she talks a lot of stuff...

and then, with ATS being the way it is, with 10000+ active members, surely this would be All Over the board by now, this being Sunday morning, and these 'two' incidents happening Friday

maybe i am wrong, maybe the 'march 10' threads are all valid?



was your 'not getting cash' this weekend as well?

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posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 10:35 AM
reply to post by mkiii

Bank of America in on the list at

CITI is about to tank, and BofA is next.

CITI has publicly admitted to 37 Trillion with a " T " in derivatives
and Bank of America has a large pile of ponzi funds as well.

I think your withdrawal was VERY well timed.

When this current quarters numbers come out you are going to see
a turd storm of biblical proportions.

As to the point the OP is trying to make I think it has more to do
with several banks around the country being on the
list and they are struggling to keep up with the panic of ppl pulling
out money in massive amounts.

A near silent run on the banks is taking place if they are on the
list at

Good Luck to you all !

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posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 10:37 PM
Well it was Thursday. 06-Mar-2009.

I don't believe they are confiscating, just that banks don't want to give out any more cash than they possibly can. They are required to keep a certain amount in reserve, I forget what percentage it is but I heard it was lowered to keep some of the banks open.

Liquidity issues in the banks would explain it all. That's my belief of what it is.

Of course since liquidity can explain it all, so can a super-duper secret slow-scale money confiscation by the shadow government.

Not likely, but sure, it could be happening.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 11:05 PM
Even if a local or regional bank were low on cash, they would make sure to keep the ATM open, as it brings in fees.
The woman in the vid seems to be off whatever medication she needs.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 11:38 PM
reply to post by stevegmu

Not if it is a BofA atm and you are a BofA member, then it just costs them to re-stock their ATM sooner. Simply by reading where your account is based on your debit would be enough for a simple filter in the software. Just saying.

I don't know about that 2nd part, not my place to judge.

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 12:14 AM
I watched the first four and then stopped, her interview in the bank was strange, and the teller was being mislead i believe.
There are strange things happening, i will not deny this, as i experianced this too, I'm Canadian, and had withdrawal limit of $1500, they dropped it to $500 late september 2008, then again to $200, same with my roomate, different bank altogether but happened coincidentaly at the same time, I was mad and confronted them cause i work all day during banking hours, and always withdrew money to pay bills and rent, the tell also immediately got the manager and he explained that if any larger amount was needed that it would have to be done inperson. Our bank cards also have a new Chip in them.

People say Canada is in a good position to get throught this recession BS, but i got laid off in ALberta, Ive sent out 50+ CVs and have only got declines,(with the exception of Knife salesperson- Commision*yeah right, who's going to be interested?) A friends told me earlier tonight, that companys are receiving resumes in record numbers, I had to use the food bank, last week just to get by. Temp work agencies are no longer needed and exausted with lines.

Best of luck, we all need it.

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posted on Mar, 14 2009 @ 11:17 PM
There may be something to this...

This week my husband and I both at different times tried to use our debit card, but it wouldn't go through - something about wrong pin #. The pin has not been changed. And yes there is money in the account.

So my husband went to the bank on Friday, after I told him it wouldn't work for me, to figure out what was up. The teller said that their records showed that everything was active and fine, but that he could reset the pin number just to make sure. He told my husband he would call him with the new pin. Well we're still waiting for that call and still unable to use the debit card.

A few minutes ago my sister came by and I mentioned this to her. She told me that she too has been having the same issues with hers. Hers however only happens periodically, but same issue with the pin number though she hadn't changed it.

By the way, we bank at too different banks - Centenial Bank and First Security Bank.

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posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 12:21 AM
I call BS!!!! shoulda figured since she lives in south Florida j/k. First i want to address something. in one of the vids she mentions a bank she use to have an account at and they didn't even have a computer but she was able to withdraw money out of that account at an ATM. For her to beable to access her account via an ATm her bank has to have a computer system how does she think the company that owns the ATM would know how much money she has in her account avalable to withdraw?

Originally posted by spec_ops_wannabe
The thing with some people's debit cards not working has nothing to do with the economy or banking situation.
Something happened at the manufacturer for the cards and the security was breached.
Now all of those customers have to have their cards replaced with new secure cards.

And no, I am not a disinfo agent.

I agree with spec ops here she needs to request a new card because more than likely her card has been compromised.

As for her checks not going through a telecheck machine its probably because she has a joint account and the other person on the account has written a bad check and she either didn't know it or she is flat out lying when she says she has never written a bad check. Or another possible reason is she has a recycled account number and whoever had that account number before her had written a bad check and the telecheck system hasn't updated yet or they refused to change the status of her account number in their system. Or a third reason that her checks aren't going thru at certain stores is she or someone on her account has written a bad check(s) to those stores and they do not use telecheck but have their own computer system to track accounts that have had returned checks to those stores.

As for her asking the bank employee who the bank surrenders money to. the banks cannot remove money from your account and give it to a creditor trying to collect on a debt WITHOUT A COURT ORDER ordering the bank to do so!

And as for Banks removing money from your account if you have an outstanding loan with the same bank you have a checking/savings account with if it is in the contract you signed well that's your loss you should have read the fine print! they can legally take the money out of your account. you gave them permission to do so when you signed the contract!

Bottom line is either she is completely lying or she really don't know anything about how the banking system really works. And to be honest i think she is guilty of both!

reply to post by hstock28

the bank teller cannot give your husband a new pin. the bank has to send a request to the company that issues the cards for them. and they will mail you a randomly generated pin. ONce you recieve that you will have to take your ATM card to an ATM and reactivate your card with that Pin. Then my advice would be to then immediately change the pin number to your card through the ATM.

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posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 12:53 AM
My husband is the one that talked to the teller. I was not there. When he came home, he told me what I said previously. I didn't think it worked this way either. All I know is what I was told...Perhaps the teller was new and unaware of the procedure for reseting a pin #. soon as the bank opens on Monday my husband will address the issue with them.

posted on Mar, 15 2009 @ 12:56 AM
reply to post by hstock28

more than likely that is the case the teller was new or your husband might have just misunderstood the teller it happens.

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