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Dhaka Mutiny, 9000 border guards kill 80-140 Officers

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posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 02:10 PM
I can't believe this hasn't been posted yet.

In Bangladesh's Capital, There was an mass mutiny of 9000 border guards in an orgy of violence that left 80 Officers, including a Major General and his wife, dead.

From Al-Jazeera
60 more officers remain missing.

9,000 border guards rose up against their army superiors in what is believed to have been a protest over pay and conditions.'

The Bangladesh government sent in Tanks and negotiators to force the surrender of 300 of the mutineers but now that the scope of the mass mutiny is becoming clearer, calls from the army for punishment is growing.

'The guards agreed to put down their arms and later fled after Hasina appeared on national television and threatened to put down the mutiny by force.'

'Bangladesh's army has vowed that those responsible for the bloodshed will be punished.'

'There were more than 9,000 BDR troops that were here and the vast majority of them are nowhere to be found. There's a manhunt organised by the army to try and find these people.'

The insurrection is believed to have erupted over frustrations among the guards, who earn about $100 a month, that their pay has failed to keep pace with soldiers in the army.

Their anger has also been aggravated by the rise in food prices that has accompanied the global economic crisis.

Tensions in the BDR erupted into violence on Wednesday after senior officers rejected appeals for more pay, subsidised food and holidays.

Firefighters and emergency workers moved into the BDR compound housing the guards and their families and discovered corpses stuffed into sewers.

"The scene is horrific," Nicolas Haque, reporting for Al Jazeera from Dhaka,

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posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 02:20 PM
8600 mutineers escaped, and this was 2 days ago.

What will follow in the days ahead as Bangladesh hunts for these responsible?

The mutineers were soldiers of the Bangladesh Rifles, a paramilitary force.

I'm talking about skilled warriors, probably armed and on the run.

Is an Rich/Poor clash coming up on the horizon?


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