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Redenption Lost? (short story)

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posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 12:04 AM
Ah! the pain, this hunger that will not end. Why have you allowed this to happen to me. Didn't I live the live you ask us to live. Did I not accept your son as my savior. Did I not ask you to forgive me and to wash away my sin. Since I was a child I accepted your word, lived by the rules you had written in your book for us to follow.

Why then have you let this creature of the night attack me and turn me into this eternal being with a hunger for the innocent that walk the lands. Is this a test, how could this be a test? Am I now damned to suffer this pain until the end, and then spend an eternity in hell?

"What are you doing. Still praying to that God of yours, you still haven't learned that he does not care for your pathetic cries".

"Yes, I am still praying to my God, because I know he cares and will answer me in time".

"This is why your kind have always been food, you are too weak to protect yourself and have to ask a God for help. Pathetic, I just don't understand why you were turned".

Door slams shut and once again I am locked in my cell, figuratively and literally. What is that a quite rustling a squeaking. A rat, what to do should, I hold back my desire for the blood the courses through it's veins, or give in and hope that it may ease this terrible, painful thirst that will not end. Sleep, that's it I should try and sleep.

Ah, I can't stand it anymore, where is that rat, there you are, gotcha, forgive me lord but I can't bear it any longer. Ooh that feels so good, the pain is gone but surely not for long as that was not a lot of blood. Ah now remorse for a rat, rats aren't people they are just insignificant creatures. Will this hinder any chance of redemption. No, it couldn't could it. Now that the pain is gone maybe I can sleep.

I have to be able to obtain redemption. There is no way that the God that I have faithfully followed for all these years would let me suffer an eternity of pain and suffering. What's this I am out of my cell. Whew it was just a dream. Man what did I eat yesterday to make me have a dream like that. A light where is that light coming from. It is a beautiful light, can't take my eyes off of it. I have to find the source.

"Wait, where are you going, stop I want to talk to you". Wait a minute, no it can't be, this is the dream. Should have known nothing could be so easy. Well I guess I should see where this dream takes me. Now, back to that light. Has it finally stopped moving, I know this being a dream and all I can control it. It can't avoid me.

"Alright I will stop running from you. You said you wanted to talk to me, so what is it that you ask?"

"Why is this happening to me. What did I do to deserve this punishment, this curse".

"My brother it is not a punishment a curse. We have a plan for you. You are to do a great service for our God".

"A service huh? Being turned into a creature that feeds off of humans, is somehow going to turn into a service to the God I believe in. I think you have me mistaken it is not Lucifer that I serve".

"Brother, I know to which God you serve, as you serve the same God as I do. Now what has happened to you was not part of the plan. But now you are stronger and will be better suited for the task at hand. So please my brother do not think this a curse, but realize that it now is a blessing. You are still a child of God and only your actions can change that."

"Well what then, what is that I am to do please tell me? So feeding on the blood of humans will not send me to damnation?"

"Yes that would,. The task at hand for you is to protect the innocent. To protect them from those creatures of the night that seek to feed off the blood of the innocent. With that I must leave you for it is time for you to wake and begin your charge".

"Wait one more question. So I am to feed on those who turned me? To rid the world, if you will, of those who feed off of the innocent".

"Yes, now wake and begin your task".

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posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 02:30 PM
ahhh ant

you are describing a very strange and doomed situation with a good solitution although i am not sure if it happens just in his mind or in reality

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 06:14 PM
reply to post by orange-light

It will be in reality. This is just as far as I have got right now. Creativity only comes and goes with me
I will have another part soon I hope. Thanks for stopping by. Orange.

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