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Why do people fear the Truth?

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posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 10:18 PM
Perhaps the only way we can stop the continuation of more devastating wars and the
killing and maiming of yet more innocent women and children, would be to inform the
aggressors, perpetrators, instigators what lies in store for them if they decide to
continue this insanity!

Let's be honest. Let's tell the Truth. Let us shine some Light on this Dark world.

Let's look after our children. Let us try to give them a brighter future.

Please participate.


Not to a single human being does He ever close His heart, nor to anyone does He
close the portals of the fatherly home.
For to God, the creator and Father of the human spirit, it is of no importance to
what earthly belief the individual human being adheres in word and action, but it
is of importance that human beings in mind and in heart, in thought and in action
should live according to the faith that they profess, and not merely observe its
outer forms or cling to its man-made dogmas or to that which is dictated by habit
or by ritual, none of which has any spiritual value whatsoever for eternal life.
Only that which calls upon, evokes and maintains the best, the noblest and the
finest in human thought and feeling, only that has lasting and inextinguishable
value to the individual.

Not only in the area of religious faith should people learn to yield to each other
and to be tolerant of another's views and opinions; but also in the areas of social
and political life should they try to seek common ground between one another,
seek in fellowship to cast off the yoke of darkness, so that their common journey
toward the distant goal may be accomplished under more favourable conditions
than hitherto.

How can human beings themselves then help toward the achievement of this
Firstly by never acting against better judgement, by always heeding the inner
promptings of their conscience and by teaching the coming generations to work
for truth, justice and peace on earth.


Let us, without feeling hate to anyone and showing compassion toward all,
holding firm to what is right; to such extent as God let us see it, endeavour
to accomplish the work we are about doing: To dress the country's wound,
and to do everything possible that will lead to a just and lasting peace between
ourselves mutually and with all Nations.


The essence of our duty is this: Not to do against others, which, if it be done
against ourselves, would cause us pain.
Cattle are of different colours; but all milk is alike.
Systems of creed are different; but the Deity is One.

Knowledge: Know each other.
Goodness: Love thy brother.


Treat others, as you treat yourself, that you may receive your share of heaven.
Consider all people as equal, as God's Light is hidden in each and everyone's


Only the human being is good, that do not do to others what is not good for himself.
To do good toward others is not a duty. It is a joy, for it increases one's own health
and happiness.


Hate is not brought to conclusion by hate. Hate is brought to conclusion by Love.
This is an eternal Law.


Does a precept exist, that one should follow the whole life through?
Compassion's precept is surely this:
Do not do to others, what you do not wish they should do to you. All who are
surrounded by the four oceans are brothers; how then can a good human being
come to grief, for not having a brother?


By fortunate change, a man could become ruler of the world for a while; but by
Love he can rule forever.


In one's daily life a human being ought to treat all creations as he or she would
like to be treated. In happiness and suffering, in joy and sorrow, we ought to
consider all beings, as we consider our own self, and ought therefore to refrain
from inflicting pain to others, as would appear undesirable to us if it be inflicted
upon ourselves.


Do toward all human beings that, which you wish they should do toward you,
and discard for others what you would discard for yourself. All the created is
like God's kin, for it is maintained by Him. He or she that God loves the most,
is the human being who do good toward God's kin. None is a true faithful, if
he does not love for his brother , what he loves for himself.
The best and uppermost of God's children are those, whom, when looked upon,
are reminding of God, and the worst of God's children are those, who spread
gossip around for the purpose of doing harm and separate friends and seek to
find fault amongst the good and kind. ....


Hear, O Israel! The Lord our God, the Lord is One.
Love the Lord thy God with all your heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy
Do not hate your brother in your heart. Do not take revenge on your neighbours
child, but love thy neighbour as thou love thyself. I am the Lord, and these words
I offer thee, shalt be in thy heart and thou shalt enjoin them to thy children, speak
of them when thou art in thy house and when thou walketh the road, and when
thou go to rest and when thou rise.
Do not do to thy neighbour, what is injurious to thyself. This is the whole Tora and
the rest is but a comment. Go then and learn it! Compassion is greater than the
law, and acts of love is greater than all ceremonies. Have not all of us One Father?
Have not One God created us?


Hear, O Israel; the Lord our God, the Lord is One: And thou shalt love the Lord
thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all
thy strength; and thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even
so to them; for this is the law of the prophets.
Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you,
and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.
For God maketh His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on
the just and on the unjust.


posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 10:27 PM
The following quotes has been transferred from the "Bin Laden hide-out?" thread!

There must of course be laws to regulate the domestic and foreign affairs of countries and the postures of nations toward each other, but if it happens that these laws compel people to act contrary to their inner conviction, against their conscience, or if the natural development of the free will is impeded, then these laws will have only a destructive effect, and the rulers will have abused their power.

Among such laws of coercion must be counted, for example, compulsory military service.

So long as military service is only "peaceful", the many open air exercises and the discipline can in many ways have a beneficial effect on body and spirit, provided that the officers and superiors act humanely and do not abuse their authority in a degrading and improper fashion. But as soon as the game of war turns to deadly earnest and the soldiers are confronted with stark reality, facing living masses that will become fodder for their cannons, sabres, bayonets and other weapons, when they know that they will become the cause of the maiming or death of many people, then most of them must do violence to their conscience in order to act in the manner demanded by the leadership of their country. The best and the noblest in the souls of such human beings is often destroyed, since in order to deaden the rising abhorrence for the deed they are about to commit they let themselves be gripped by the din and the fury of battle and act blindly in order to avoid thinking of the horror that is before them. These human beings should never be compelled to commit such deeds, since very often it is they who in the battle's confusing and degrading turmoil commit the worst and entirely unnecessary atrocities.

But as long as the law governing compulsory military service exists, it is to no avail that single individuals or several in concert refuse to comply with the duty that is demanded by a country's government, since this kind of insubordination only brings harm to the disobedient and in no way upsets the existing order. In such cases there is but one thing to do: to submit to the duties that are imposed by society, even though performance of such duties clashes with one's innermost feelings. By acting in this way the individual stands with a clear conscience, while the responsibility for these compulsory actions will fall upon those who originate and enforce such laws.

These coercive laws should therefore be repealed by the leaders, the legislators and the rulers; when they realize that such coercion cannot be in harmony with God's desires and purposes, the time will have come for the existing laws to be repealed and replaced by new laws.

In order to provide a transition from present conditions to the time when a general and universal peace among all nations is an accomplished fact, all military service should be a voluntary matter, with no compulsion whatsoever of the individual, since responsibility for the many untimely deaths, the many murders and atrocities and the destruction is placed by God upon the leaders, the legislators and the rulers, even though the individual soldier - the aggressor as well as the defender - must give account of all the unnecessary cruelties of which he is personally guilty. On the other hand, if military service is placed on a voluntary basis until further notice, then the chief responsibility will be evenly divided among all the participants in war, the leaders as well as the soldiers in the field.

All warfare is against God's Will and is in conflict with the laws of the Light, and it benefits neither one nor the other warring nation to call upon God's assistance as supreme war lord; any supplication to God to bless the armaments or to bless the armies, so that under His leadership they may gain victory over their opponents, is therefore a blasphemous prayer.

Any conception of God as war lord or war leader must be rooted out, since all bloodshed, all destruction, all subversion is completely irreconcilable with the nature of God. Again and again God has sought to lead human beings to a complete understanding of love for their neighbours and respect for all that belongs to them. Time and again ever since the dawn of history God's emissaries have proclaimed to human beings: "You shall not kill, nor take by force, nor rob, nor plunder!" But so far the appeal has been in vain, human beings have not yet been able to free themselves from the primal urge of brutish self-assertion through violence to the detriment of their fellow human beings. So long as the individual members of the nations of the world do not unite and strive toward mutual peace and forbearance, so long as human beings cannot with complete faith in God's Fatherliness and Justice place everything in His hand and with trust submit to His leadership, so long as the will of the many is not one with His Will, so long can bloodshed, violence and war not cease, and so long can the hope for peace not be victorious on Earth.

Human beings must overcome the influence of Darkness, overcome hatred, curses, envy and lust for power through belief in God's existence and by trusting His guidance, rather than through prayers for help to crush their enemies and opponents by acts of violence for God never hears and never answers such prayers.

If it could be conceived that an entire people were united in complete trust in God and in the absolute certitude that no evil arising from ambitious, envious or rapacious neighbours could befall them, then even the most evil of designs would fall to the ground, since it would be lost on so unanimous and complete a faith. But where can such a people be found? Humanity is still in its infancy, and centuries or millennia may pass before full understanding of such an unshakeable relationship of trust between God and human beings can be attained. ....


posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 10:56 PM
continued -

Thus, all warfare is rooted in Darkness and is brought about by the mutual intolerance of the various nations, which in turn can be attributed to the lust for power of the leaders and the rulers. If the human will for evil thus calls forth fighting and destruction and a war begins, the nation that initiates the hostilities must bear the responsibility for the war of aggression as well as for the war of defence forced upon the other nation and its allies, regardless of the forms that the war may take. And so long as the attacked nation limits itself to the defence of its country, of its rights, the aggressor will continue to be in the wrong. But the moment the defender extends the hostilities to the territory of the aggressor in order to attack rather than to defend, both sides must share the responsibility for whatever takes place from the moment the border into enemy territory is crossed. (The same laws apply if the battles are fought at sea or in the air).

The victory or defeat of the warring parties can in no way be attributed to God. Never does He take part in the hostilities, neither on the side of the aggressor nor on the side of the defender. Only prayers for help to restore peace will be heard by God, but His many and persistent attempts to speak to the leaders as their "conscience" are in most cases rejected.
The victorious party defeats its adversary by virtue of numerical or strategic superiority or the like, or because of the people's common hatred of the enemy and the people's common will to win; but victory is never gained with the help of God.

Any person - civilian or military - who praises, defends and glorifies war in writing or in speech, instead of evoking aversion to this deed of Darkness and enlightening his fellow human beings on the degradation and brutishness of war, is himself placing a heavy burden of responsibility on his shoulders and must, having ended his earthly life, render a detailed account to God of the motivations for his actions.

Even though human beings wage war among themselves, and even though God does not hear their prayers for victory, He never loses sight of them, but seeks either directly or through the disincarnated Youngest to awaken remorse among the leaders, just as He tries in many ways to instil in them an awareness of the injustice and the abuse of power of which they are guilty, so as to bring about a pact of peace before one of the parties succumbs to the superior force; but in the vast majority of cases also these attempts are rejected by human beings. ......."

We should not forget that these warmongers profess to be deeply religious!!

How tragic it is, that they have no idea about the misery that lies ahead of them and
which they have to endure in future incarnations, before they can advance again

Yes truly, all human beings, without exception, do continue to exist, to live, to grow,
to advance, after the physical life on earth comes to an end.
(It is only the physical body which ceases its existence, and hence reverts back to the
original source of its various parts).
The astral and spiritual elements, together with the Thought and the Will, as well as the
personal and individual imprints containing memory, experiences, skills and talents etc.
are not subjects to decay and decomposition, as these parts are woven and sustained
by the particles of the Light.

"As you sow, so shall you reap!"

Let the truth be known, no matter how troublesome it may seem, or become.

After all, its the only way to love harmony and freedom.

Its the only way to conquer fear!

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 11:22 PM
And last, a rather powerful address to all of mankind:

As you sow, so you shall reap!

The Lord God the Almighty has sent me, His Servant and Harbinger, unto you, that my words, expounded by you, may reach all the peoples of the Earth.

Human beings! Your God, the Father of your spirit, bade me to speak unto you:
At the dawn of earthly time, God's youngest children promised their Father to restore that which their elder brothers and sisters had destroyed.
After many ages of suffering, grief and disappointment, they have now progressed so far by the power of their will, by the power of their love and with their Father's help, that they have overcome Darkness, have delivered their eldest brother and won him back unto the Home and to the Light. But many aeons shall still pass, before they can fully redeem their pledge: to lead you, God's very youngest children, unto His Kingdom of Glory. For not until the last among you is received into the Fatherly Home will the work of love of the Youngest be fulfilled.
Human beings! Many aeons must still pass, before you can meet with your Heavenly Father, before you can meet with Him who out of His profound compassion for those created by His fallen children bestowed eternal life upon the human spirit. Many aeons must still pass before your journeying is ended, for you are as young children who can see but cannot comprehend, who can hear but cannot fathom. As children you rejoice over the pretty-coloured fruits, but little are you concerned that the worm has destroyed the flesh and the core. As children you are not able to discern between tinsel and gold, with eagerness and desire you reach for the gaudy tinsel that is of no use, while you spurn the pure and precious ore.
Yea, you are less and worse than young children; for in your blind desire for earthly treasure, for power and honour, in your hatred and envy of one another you unceasingly quarrel and wage war upon one another, you murder, rob and ravage and refuse to understand that the sufferings and the sorrows which you thereby bring upon others, you also bring upon yourselves. Hard but just retribution will fall upon you, so long as you continue to abuse and disdain the gift which your Father has bestowed upon you - the will to seek the good, the will to seek victory over evil; and so long as your will is for sin and misdeeds, for lies and for strife, then can the Will of your Father not prosper among you.
Hear, all human beings! Your Father calls upon you, and through His Servant He asks of you:

When will you pass over the threshold of childhood?
When will you open your eyes and behold your imperfection?
When will you understand that you must be born unto the Earth again and again, that each earthly life can bring you nearer unto your God and Father?
When will you learn to follow your conscience and to heed the voice of truth, of love and of justice which speaks unto you?
When will you cease to deride those who are further advanced in knowledge?
When will you with understanding receive the children of the Light who suffer themselves to be born among you to draw you out of Darkness?
When will you learn to rejoice in that which is yours without envying your neighbour or taking his possessions from him?
When will you cease taking your own or your neighbour's earthly life by force or by negligence before that death and that hour is come that is pre-ordained for each of you by the Lord God?
When will you cease the gruesome, bloody and blasphemous wars that are constantly waged among you?
When will you banish all racial hatred and learn to esteem and to love one another?
When will you let your own will meet with the Will of your Father?
And when, when will you - of whatever race you may be - all unite to bid a lasting peace welcome among you?

These questions your Father bade me to ask of you. What will be
your answer? For the future rests in your own hand; even as you desire it, even as you will it to be, so do you create your future and that of those who come after you.
If you continue to walk in the ways of Darkness, if you will not cease to hate and persecute one another; if you continue to suffer thousands upon thousands of your brothers, husbands, fathers and sons to be slain in deadly warfare, so as to satiate your hatred and lust for power; if you continue to murder, rob, plunder, ravage and burn, for ever tearing down what has been built up, and scattering that which has been gathered; then will your Father grieve over you; then will sorrows, sufferings and disappointments hinder the Youngest in their work of love for you; then will your journey toward the distant goal become endlessly long and endlessly troubled.
But would you walk in the way of the Light that the eldest of the Youngest, your leader and guide, of his own free will has hereby shown you; would you lean upon the hand which he offers you in love; would you receive with trust the message that is hereby presented unto you in the name of your Father, so as to bring you the clarity and peace which you all desire; then will your Father rejoice in you; then will the children of the Light with greater joy suffer themselves to be born among you, to lead you out of Darkness; then will your journey, though it become arduous and long, be shortened by many aeons of time. For then will the seeds which your Father has planted in your hearts sprout in victory over Darkness, they will blossom and bear fruit. not ten, not twenty, nor even sixtyfold, but a thousand times a thousandfold!
Human beings! Choose now the ways that you and those after you shall walk in the time to come! Choose without constraint! For Almighty God compels no one, and none shall compel his neighbour. But pray you all unto your Father to strengthen your will, that it may overcome evil and bring you forward toward the Light!
Human beings! Your Father yearns for you; He follows you through good and evil. He follows you through sorrow and joy, whether you walk in the deepest Darkness or in the brightest Light. His love for you is beyond measure and His patience is without bound.

These extracts (even though they are!) are not intended to be addressed to anyone
on this forum, but it's rather hoped that some people might find it in their hearts to
forward them to their members of congress, or to other members of government from
other countries!

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 11:56 PM
The quoted citations from the holy text of world religions,
was gathered by Salah-ad-dien, D.D. Ph.D.!

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 11:38 PM

Originally posted by djeminy

The quoted citations from the holy text of world religions,
was gathered by Salah-ad-dien, D.D. Ph.D.!

These citations was written by this man prior to 1957, so this would mean he's most probably deceased by now.

I wonder if there would be anybody in this forum who knows anything about this
I could find nothing on Google!

"After many ages of suffering, grief and disappointment, they have now progressed so far by the power of their will, by the power of their love and with their Father's help, that they have overcome Darkness, have delivered their eldest brother and won him back unto the Home and to the Light."

This overwhelming and jubilant event (from the perspective of the transcendental
world), took place in 1911!

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