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Brainscan on recruitment

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posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 04:41 PM
Just found this article, couldn't really believe what i read

The original article is in dutch, will try to translate the best i can....

Within five years, brainscan on recruitment.

Professer Willem Verbeke, teacher at the Erasmus University at Rotterdam, the Netherlands, expects big companies to use brainscans on their emplyees, especially when recruiting new people.

He and his team were doing research on 'human behaviour' and 'social and emotional intelligence'.

You can actually see in the brain how one's system works, and if someone is authistic or a psychopat. Everyone is hiding something, uncertainty and doubts. Everything pops up in the scan.

He claims that with the results of this scan he can provide advice on what job is best suitable for a person.

Some salesman are better in maintaining contacts than recruiting new clients. And we can provide such advice, base on the neurology.

The professor also did some testing with people who tend to be psychopathic.

These kind of people succeed to win other people's trust, and then abuse them. By doing so they can inflict huge damage to a company.

As an example, he names Bernard Madoff.

This man was regarded very highly in the financial world. Then suddenly the world discovers him to be a fraud. This could have been prevented. We strongly believe, that people who are appointed such a high position, should be tested first on psychopathic behaviour. And now this is possible using the technology we have been working on.

For those who can read dutch, here the link to the full article :

I could think of some situation that maybe a scan like this could have prevented dramatic situation and useless deaths....

but what about 'not guilty untill proven otherwise' ?

If they keep going on like this, people will be sentenced and emprisoned before actually doing a crime ?

Somewhere i remember a movie, just can't name it right now.
I thought it was sci-fi, but soon it will be reality.

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 04:46 PM
Interesting and scaryt.

Minority report is waht I think you are thinking of.


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