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Divide THEN conquer

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posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 05:57 AM
Just rambling thoughts but with the way things are proceeding I could see it happening....

Many believe in a NWO - however, Joe Public is not going to roll-over and accept, unless there is a catastrophe where it seems the only answer...this is working out nicely with the financial meltdown.

The UK being absorbed into the EU....other independent countries slowly being absorbed into the EU - all makes it easier to unite globally on a large scale.

However, the US will always be a problem. Unlike us (the UK), you won't just roll-over and join.

If I was part of 'the NWO planners' and wanted to get the USA in, I would go about it simply. I would divide you....then conquer you.

What I am seeing right now over here in blighty is a country that is starting to break apart. As an example I'm reading of Texas going alone - getting ready to defend itself.....

The many threads state 'the military won't turn on their own civilians'. True, but break the USA into independent states and then all of a sudden the military are defending their own 'state' and potentially fighting against the next 'state'.....

The scenario plays out, things go from bad to worse....hope is lost....NWO step in and say 'only one answer....let's join all together in one big happy family....people cry 'yes'

As I say, rambled thoughts....but the saying "divide and conquer" seems to be coming about right now. THE United States (of) America seems more like THE States (of) America right now.

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 06:40 AM
Thats odd,I was thinking about exactly that this morning.
We have already been divided I agree.
If we keep identifying ourselves by hiding behind false labels like I am a christian or I am a muslim or I am a texan or I am a canadian or I am black or i am chinese or I am jewish and things like that then yes we are already divided and yes we are ready to be conquered.
I guess I am just rambling as well.

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 06:40 AM
You may have a good point about divide and conquer, but I don't see it happening that way. Yes the states could and will pull away from the USA if the government trys to declare marshall law or some kind of BS like that.

But, if the states do pull away, they will start up a "NEW USA" with the same rules set forth in the Constitution.

Lets face it. IF the states all pull out of the USA then the Federal Government is Finished. No money will be sent to the FEDS, the military equipment that is overseas will be abandoned, and troops will have to find their own way home that are overseas; simply because there will be no money to pay the troops or anyone else in the government.


A "NEW USA" will be put into place immediately and "NEW LEADERS" with NO FEDERAL LAWS except the Constitutional Laws will be in effect. ALL of the old federal regime will be gone.

New paper money issued by the NEW USA will be backed by gold and silver; because no one trusts plastic. Plastic can only make things bad, and it is used by banks to scam the people into thinking Credit is great, when in fact Credit is what is pulling all of the countries down.

Furthermore, the health care system will be revamped, and everyone will be able to get medical treatment at no cost to the people, the government will take care of it; and the doctors won't be getting rich while people are dying.

There will be a flat tax system installed to make it easy to understand and so it is harder for businesses to make loop holes to get out of paying taxes. No taxes on food and drink (not including alcohol).

The military will be reduced in size, and black op stuff will be publicly known. Many Federal agencies that aren't needed will be gone, like the agencies which have caused many of the wars and skirmishes with other countries by giving them weapons and dealing in drugs with them.

America will be better, starting with a new slate.

What Americans need to do, is to start up an Internet thread and figure out what group of people would be installed into the new federal government offices "immediately" if the old US federal government is gotten rid of. Also where the NEW CAPITAL of the NEW USA would be located at, since crime and corruption surrounds the old Capital.

At least a dozen new leaders would have to be picked out, and none of them from the old regime; they are OUT. The New Capital should be centralized in the center of the USA, so that trips back and forth to the capital for everyone is less than clear across the country, like it is now for many people.

This type of thread would WAKE up the politicians in the USA and they would realize that the PEOPLE have had ENOUGH.

That is the way I see it; but that is just a suggestion.

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 11:55 AM
I think your scenario would be the 'ideal. I just don't think 'they' would allow it to happen that way.

I think 'they' want the states divided - looking at the way some of your catastrophes have gone you see how things break down SO easily...just look at what happened in New Orleans. You had the few 'let's help each other out', but the many worked more in a 'it's every-man for himself'.

Throw in an ever growing immigration populous that hold not to your values and constitutions and you have the brewing for in-fighting.

Divided. Conquered.

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