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The truth about "teh alamo"

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posted on Apr, 14 2004 @ 01:44 PM
Posts: 5,111
Registered: Jan 02
Date Posted: 3/27 3:36am Subject: RE: khaaaaaan!!!!1~
"Huh?? What, are you retarded?"

Bob, you DO realize the major reason why the settlers in Texas we trying to gain independence from Mexico was because Mexico didn't allow slavery right?

Here's a brief chronology:
Mexico allowed American settlers to come in.
The settlers bring slaves with them.
After a bit there are more Americans than Mexicans in Texas (omg Have times changed or what?)
Mexico says "omg ur so geh...quit usin teh buffbotts n r realm asshats".
The settlers tell Mexico "stfu".
Mexico tells the Texans "dont come 2 r frontier less u wanna git rolled bish "
America tries to buy Texas from Mexico.
Mexico tells America "stfu".
Texas say "omgwtf? we're independent!!!`1~"
Mexico sends in troops and zergs Texans at Goliad and the Alamo.
Sam Houston leads a stealther gank group and catchs the Mexicans unbuffed at San Jacinto.
Mexicans all recall and Texans say "pwnd!1...we're rick james bish!!...SLAP!...hahahahahaha!!!12@~"

Teh End

posted on Apr, 14 2004 @ 09:26 PM
That story is teh shiat. Where you and your friends learn to talk like that?


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