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Parallels between the Obama administration and the Bush administration.

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posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 10:36 PM
I just want to point out some parallels between Obama's Presidency and Bush's Presidency. You might be asking me... wait there are parallels between Obama and Bush? Am I crazy? No... I am not crazy... I am just a little cynical. I'm cynical of the entire government. I've gotten more and more cynical of the government and the only person who I trust in the government to do the right thing is my local congressman... and then other than that I trust Obama far more than any other of the people in there. I like Obama. I think it's good that we have a liberal in office. I don't believe that a conservative would be able to handle this kind of economic pressure. In terms of ideology a conservative would have let all of these institutions fail and we would have ended up being in a depression right now. On that note, I have to applaud Obama and the Congress for taking action. I fear if we took no action then things would have been a lot worse. We remember how we were duped by Henry Paulsun, how, he bailed out his buddies at AIG and his bank buddies. He made us all really fearful of what the economic situation was like. He was telling us that it was bad. Under his watch the economy dropped down to under 8,000 at one point. On one day he announced that we were in a recession and the economy dropped 600 points.

What does this have to do with Bush? Why am I comparing Obama to Bush? I am not comparing Obama to Bush. We have not seen yet what he plans to do out of this time of crisis. I am merely offering a warning to fellow ATS members to deny ignorance in this time of crisis. Obama is not the messiah or anything. He is simply offering a solution to the problem we face, and, a liberal one. Bush offered his solution after 9-11 when the twin towers were destroyed-- and that was-- we went after the terrorists-- and he told us to shop. He tried to restore national unity. He didn't do a good job at that however and he ended up failing. Then, he left office, feeling hopeful about Obama, which means, basically that Obama has the power to inspire people.

When Obama was running before against John McCain to begin with he began making all of these promises. He made lots of liberal promises. A lot of these promises were the same kinds of promises that Bush made before the war on terror. George W Bush said that he would try to spend money on educational programs and things like that. He tried to be more of a positive type. But, as the war on terror dragged on, military spending increased, and there seemed to be no end in sight to the war in Iraq. Obama, has made promises as well which may not be able to be kept. Why?

9-11 was an event that woke us up to the reality of the political world. 9-11 was woke many of us Americans up to the realities of the Muslim world and the problems that faced them with our aggression in their region throughout the cold war. We realized we were paying the price for our aggression. It changed the way we did politics and much of our foreign policy changed and all of us became neoconservatives when we supported President Bush. The event brought us to a new day and age where freedom and Democracy would triumph over these so called terrorists. Little did we know, did the Bush administration use 9-11 to squander our civil liberties, and, he expanded the military, and he backed off on a few of his promises during his campaign because he became side tracked with this event.

Now, this is what I call the economic 9-11. Obama is faced with a crumbling economy. NO ONE knows what the results of what Henry Paulsun did with the bank bailout is. However, people do feel a bit ripped off. Right now the Obama administration has our trust right now because their actions have been matching their rhetoric. But remember- the Bush administration said they were going to protect our freedoms with the patriot act when it in fact did the opposite. So, the economic stimulus bill may contain passages in it, which in fact, limit our economic freedoms, and make far more government regulation than there used to be. It could put tighter government control on banks, and other industries, and, other things. It could potentially implement a violation of our economic freedoms as the patriot act did of our civil liberties.

I hope that Obama does not do this. I speak as an Obama supporter. I am speaking the truth as I see it. Please, I ask for you to deny ignorance during this time of crisis. I have become a cynic and rightfully so. What Obama has done has restored some of my trust to the government but it'll take a lot more for me to get me to believe in the government again.

Please, I ask you, to not let media propaganda tell you what to think. Media manipulates you and brainwashes you into thinking that the only thing that could come out of the economy could be good.

I am a optimist realist. I hope it's going to help, but, I just can't be sure.

I just want to warn the ATS community before it's too late. Hopefully I'm wrong, but, who knows, maybe the politicians will be off to their tricks again...

posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 10:49 PM
I believe that the biggest parallel between Obama and Bush is that they both have/had an incompetent Congress.

As far as Obama restoring trust, from a non Obama supporter, I don't buy it. Just too soon for him to do that. I will give him time but he is starting off on a bad foot with this stimulus package.

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 12:43 AM
uh ...i dont want to trouble your great savior,but the day he was inaugurated,the market closed at 7949.20
and if you think o-bam-a is woried about your money,you need to take a good look at geitner,the new secretary of the treasury.
he was the president of the new york branch of the federal reserve. its like letting the fox run the henhouse

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