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Top 9/11 suspects to plead guilty

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posted on Dec, 8 2008 @ 07:04 PM

Originally posted by saint4God
This was actually on the news, I don't recall all the details. Mostly it was through social networking, who they contacted, where in Afghanistan they were to fly to and who they were to meet when they got there. A lot of 'sting' operations in addition as I understand it.

So you do not know, you think you heard something about something once. Good show!

Conspiracy to commit terrorism or the technical jargon equivalent thereof..

So this is a guess or are they actually presenting to the judge "or the technical equivlalent therof...?" Do you have any real answers?

Legal? They're not U.S. citizens as I understand it so it would fall under the Geneva Convention if this is part of the 'War on Terror'. .

...and what does that say about giving them access to legal council?

A good question to ask the international community.. do not know.

Again, Geneva Convention and international community question, they haven't U.S. rights if they're not citizens. If you're jailed in Mexico, you don't get a 'speedy trial' more than likely..

If I was jailed in mexico, American judges, lawyers, and military would have nothing to do with my arrest, trial, and conviction either.

Wasn't this my question to you?

I do not recall that, when?

Both CNN and Fox News have toured Gitmo. We've seen the photos, interviews and such. I've read accounts by military personnel stationed there. I could assume they are all lying, but there's no details to the contrary as I understand it.

and those same news outlets have also shown torture and less than humane treatment. Those same news outlets also lie. Would you really want your murder trial to hinge on the honesty of CNN of FOX news?

You're turn.

Maybe next time you can try including some answers. You will be amazed at the feeling of accomplishment you get from taking all the time you took for that post when you actually fill it with something.

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posted on Dec, 8 2008 @ 11:48 PM
The truth must have been beaten into them..Cover-up anybody?

posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 07:50 AM

Originally posted by angel of lightangelo
So you do not know, you think you heard something about something once. Good show!

I typically don't make the practice of memorizing every moment of the news. The information is there if you'd TRULY like to find it. I have no interest in entertaining for antagonisms or repeating things I've said. I was trying to help, not bicker pointlessly. I'm sure you would be 'amazed' should you have interest in changing your paradigm or looking at things objectively. Send me a response some day when you care.

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posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 05:24 PM
reply to post by saint4God

You sure have used a lot of words to just blow me off like that. I am unsure how you can claim I do not care when I am here digging for the truth. If you are too lazy to do the legwork to backup your claims then perhaps you should refrain from trying to put me in my place with things you not only cannot back up but cannot even actually explain in the first place.
I am curious why these men suddenly want death. Every new tape of UBL and every terror alert has been at the crux of some political event. Now we have the changing of the guard and suddenly these guys want to be martyrs. When looking back over the last 8 years, it is impossible to not see something in that that just does not add up the way that it should. I am sorry if I am not so willing to take the accusers word for their guilt but then again, I am an American and here we have things like trials, evidence, innocent until proven guilty. You are satisfied with the same people being cop, judge, jury, and executioner? Really? If that is the un-American way that you see the world, then try not to respond to me again to tell me things that turn out to be less than provable.

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