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enlightenment and implants being removed (obstacles)

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posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 04:34 PM
First of all i'll have to make a clear separation and say that i've had a direct full kundalini awakening from an ascended master and clearance of my higher chakras which i have been working on for thousands incarnations on many star systems and in continuance.. myself on higher realities. Therefore i am at a level that i can discriminate between non enlightened beings and enlightened liberated souls, dimensions do not matter as i am merging in this lifetime with the 7th plane, that is beyond the highest heaven formations and dimensions.

I prefer not to talk generally as it is not needed for me and light is preventing me most of times and does all the work.
I do have clear discrimination between dimensions, timelines, incarnated and not incarnated beings and after achieving a high level, trully priorities do change. All that matters is your freedom.

I am in awe of the forum and the persistence of seekers to discover dimensions reveal the truth and acquire power, mental physical or spiritual. But i don't see that many on spiritual level, i mostly see timelords and newborn angels of light or fallen ones. That is beings, of the 6th 7th dimension, beings that are getting there. And you do have a lot of company from the lower 4th dimensional ones.

The grays..
At this point i have to say that i've spend (in terms of earth life) about 300 lifetimes incarnating as a gray and it is something else entirely. It is a source of inspiration. I have no words to describe.. lessons. If you have been an alien high being only then you know what royalty really is. I pay my respects and move forward.

The unstoppable presence of Draconians, the light of the arcturians, the love of the pleiadians. The misunderstood & forgotten Source mistaken as God that few can look at directly , the ignorant humans (some), blessed & the purity of simple life, falling in love having a family taking care of children.

Universes are masterpieces, you need to have it all. Once you have it all you can say the truth. You start from truth, you do not start from supposing things, giving viewpoints from your mind's darkness, i mean one can do something like that from ignorance do his ego thing but why? better move on with the lessons to be learned instead.

But if the truth is there. You speak the truth if you have to speak.

So... abductions. Yes they do happen. Gray ones are very low. People i have no words because you have arranged them yourselves. If you are enlightened you can clearly see everything as it is. you can see objectively out of time. You just see the whole setup. From a human perspective that would be cruel.

It is up to you. You choose. What do You really want? where do you turn your focus to? mm?

Do you turn it towards an enlightened being. An "old" book? A school teacher? A famous scientist? A high spiritual being? Your family? Your friends? Your tv? Your meditation? Your knowledge? Your body? nothing?

It is up to you, there are many qualities. Life is trully complicated. And it is trully simple too. But the simplicity of reaching the source and merging back to god, is not a simplicity everyone is ready to go to, understand? You may be feeling safer with your gray implants and lost opportunities for ascension. That is partially true, it happens to all souls.
It is not irony. It is up to the soul. To your soul. Not everyone is ready to merge with god mm?It is simple as that.
~Implants removed~
Now, i would not say that arcturians abduct people but they do take the body up on a continuous basis if you have given them permission and it is guided from source. It may happen to make you protected from all sorts of danger or for implant removal.
You just go clear fresh in light naturally.

I'll give you the message at this point in 3 lines. If you have had vaccines in the army(if obligational in your country)well you may see the signs on your body of it removed while u were sleeping ~ to1,000,000 lightworkers has or will happen

posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 05:11 PM
I wish they could remove my mercury fillings.

posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 05:19 PM
sorry to be a party buster, but if you were as advanced as you say you are then why can't you speak more concisely? your topics are clustered and incomplete just the same as any mere mortal.

why don't you type in a language that we've never seen so that we can stand in awe and bask in your light?

posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 05:22 PM
Nearly all of my abductions, surgeries and visits were at my own home. Am I to assume they don't make house calls?

I recall losing some implants after an MRI. AND I'm fairly certain they removed my enlightenment and memories a long time ago as well.

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