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Could we be responsible enough?

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posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 07:07 PM
Imagine this:

Say there comes a day when someone is smart to introduce & implement the "Free-Card""....The Free-Card would be like a passport with your own bank-account attached to it. Now imagine if Everyone in the whole world would get a virtual-salary from (say a value of 2000 Euro each month) from yes 1 government who is only allowed to manage and make sure we get the virtual-salary each month for Free ofcourse.

Then the governments would bail the whole world out in their valuta into the Free-card" value....Taxes would no longer exist (even forbidden) ...

Now, ...would we be able to be responsible for our surroundings and eachother and Live in general if we had access to a simple but possibly very Free-ing Life like that??

It would also mean that we wouldn't have to work anymore like we do now as slaves....but if we are not able to resolve this responsibly to take care of eachother then it might cause more trouble then freedom?...Or say we could normally do work and get payed on the "Free-Card" for the work done...and it would mean just extra income for those who work just like now......

Alright, alot of bussinesses would have to be won over too to accept something like the virtual "Free-Card" as payement...but ...anything is possible now....surely if it is Free and puts the shackles of 90% of the worlds population....

Now, the Big question is....Could we be responsible enough for something like this?

Your thoughts please.....

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posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 08:15 PM
considering it's hypothetical
generally speaking, if a government was set up to supply everyone with the same amount of money for a comfortable living. - If you just keep our current system, and go ahead an allow an extra say 2000 a month, you can expect everything around us to get a lot more expensive, leveling the profit out. - if the money was only given to a specific few - or rewarded - Than you will see everyone trying to play this system right/taking advantage of it.
what exactly would be the responsible thing to do - invest the money?
spend it on luxuries? save it?
If you can work for money, - there is no reason for a free-card - you're allowed to work

People are already so irresponsible when it comes to managing their assets, giving them more, or restricting their budget is going to have some major consequences

If it replaces work - and we all turn into the middle-class - what happens when you run out money? - do you go in the hole? is it just taken out of your next payment? do you get punished or incarcerated? is it even allowed - does the "government" turn off your card?
consequences brought on by your own irresponsibility or enforced by someone else.
also it being virtual salary (if everything went virtual only)- you can expect favors, black mails, threats and anything else even more common in lieu of money.

posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 06:45 AM
Wow, haha i thought i was questioning peoples responsibility factor in general but you seem to be a tad-bit more pessimistic though...

As for the responsibility of managing assets....i don't really think it are the people who seemingly can;t handle;s more that our primal-needs such as Healthcare; - Education; - Energy suply; (and a few more primal topics which probably are better of staying under government control and a fixed payable price) are being released into the Big Bussiness-Arena where forces are at work of major competion & Price-Policies which leave most of us vulnerable and slaves to the current system.


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