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Taking responsibility for Baby P?

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posted on Dec, 1 2008 @ 05:19 PM
This baby died because of many and varied reasons. No one single reason could be blamed. There was a system in place but it failed.

How Police and social services work is on a non authoritative, equal basis liaising network. I know someone who worked in police cells as a cleaner. He had previously been arrested but has no record. He noted that the police treated cleaners in the same way as detainees. They behave with a sense of authority and cannot be trusted to behave in any way other than liaisng with social workers, in police training, the invocation of structure = they must take control. This is quite important because what this menagerie leads to is there being no one individual person taking the buck for a case, unless it is retrospectively, after the event. They would have been better off being put in control for that case before.

You cannot put too light a word on how structureless these police, social services, care workers interactions needs to be, but no one is allowed to take control.

Would taking responsibility for Baby P and Baby Q be allowing Social Worker 1 take one case and Social Worker 2 take another and them still to hold the same rank?

Professional equality is more important than Baby P, certainly in social services, not least because they need to liaise.

How would you shake up the social services? I think they need to stop being total hippies.

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