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The Scrapheap

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posted on Dec, 1 2008 @ 03:00 PM
The Devil scrapped 666. Why? Since He sees what's exposed inorder to deceive some other way, duh.

The governments scrapped the New World Order plan. Why? Since they saw it wont work through seeing how unstable a small Iraq turned out after removing Saddam's regime, and can imagine even worse with a big globe.

The Secret Societies scrapped conspiracy plans to both kill and assassinate ppl. Why? Since they know technology makes it easier for them to just end up getting caught.

Religion scrapped works. Why? Since they will have no prophecies fufilled through their hands willingly.

God scrapped Christ. Why? Christ was a failure to all the world.

What do you think? Did the Scrapheap list hit the nail?

But into the future:

The U.S. scrapped capitalism. Why? Since it is a failure it turned out when given too much time without something else more dependable and stable going in place.

The U.S. scrapped the U.S. constitution inorder for a non-capitalism-type system to work. (Yeah, just a new nation order instead of a new world order, which is better than depression and total, substained economic failure. Hey, no sense in staying seated in national throw up. The U.S. is sick and in of need a better remedy when standard open-economic surgery wont work.)


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